Heidi Harris Show Podcast #100: MGM losing money NOW they want to drop rates?

Too little, too late, kids. MGM Resorts is losing money, and occupancy is down, so NOW they want to drop rates? After they scalped people for parking, added exorbitant “resort fees” and made visitors feel like plucked chickens before they even checked in? Yeah, okay. Too little, WAY too late.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #99: Las Vegas Officer Not Indicted by Grand Jury

Officer Kenneth Lopera was accused of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Tashii Brown, but the Grand Jury saw the situation differently, and refused to indict him. He’s not completely out of the woods legally, but he’s made it over one legal hurdle. Steve Grammas, President of the Las Vegas Police Protective Association, joined me to discuss the case.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #98: YOU are the first responder in a disaster

People have died in the Carr fire in California, and in the case of civilians, it didn’t have to happen.  Personalities don’t change when there’s a fire, hurricane, earthquake, etc. Some are resourceful, but  many are not. The problem with those who don’t take responsibility for themselves and their children and pets is that they drain the resources of first responders. If you wait until the fire fighters are knocking on your door, it’s probably too late to leave, or certainly to make intelligent decisions about what you’ll take. Plan ahead and you’ll be in better shape.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #97: Grand Jury fails to indict officer in “Choke Hold” death

In 2017, Metro Police Officer Kenneth Lopera was involved in an in-custody death, and Tashii Brown was killed. Many believe Officer Lopera had “choked him out” and his Mr. Brown’s death was a direct result of the hold placed on him, but the Grand Jury saw it differently. Although (now former) Officer Lopera is not out of the woods legally, it’s been an interesting case. Steve Grammas, President of the LV Police Protective Association is my guest on my live radio show this morning at 9 AM, on 670 AM KMZQ. Tune in!

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #96: HALF of kids haven’t climbed a TREE?

A survey in the UK recently found that today’s kids don’t even want to play outside and many have never built a fort or climbed a tree! How is this possible? We LIVED outside when I was a kid. The larger question is: what kind of people are we raising who have never done anything out of sight of their parents? I shudder to think.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #95: Florida Shooter won’t be charged and Shooting in a Mormon Church

There was a shooting in a Mormon Church in Fallon, a hostage situation in Trader Joes, and a mass shooting in Toronto just over the weekend. And a Florida man was killed over a parking space, but the shooter won’t be charged. People are getting ruder, and more likely to grab a gun before they have a conversation these days.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #94: A Restraining Order is Just a Piece of Paper

A local woman killed her husband in the backyard yesterday, and early reports are that she had a retraining order on him. All of the facts aren’t out yet, but any women who’s been threatened or stalked should protect herself with a GUN. A piece of paper means nothing.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #93: Does Putin OWN Trump? My guest thinks so.

The Helsinki debacle has everyone talking, and too many of them on the RIGHT have lost their minds. It doesn’t make you a Trump hater if you observe concerning behavior in a person and call it out. Ralph Peters, and career Army Intel officer, knows what Putin and Russia are capable of, and has no qualms about saying it.

Why does Trump criticize EVERY other world leader except Putin? Ralph thinks he knows….

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #92: Scarlett, Daniella and the intolerant trans crowd

Scarlett Johannson was supposed to portray a transgender man in movie, and the backlash from the “tolerant” trans community was…predictable. Clearly they don’t understand that ACTORS portray people they AREN’T. A columnist named Daniella Greenbaum dared to point out the ridiculousness of the outcry, and her column was spiked by her employer, Business Insider, because some employees of the site complained. Weekly Standard published her column.

This is beyond ridiculous. These so-called “marginalized” communities have become the biggest whiners in America, and they aren’t gaining any allies. In fact, they are hurting themselves.