Heidi Harris Show Podcast #94: A Restraining Order is Just a Piece of Paper

A local woman killed her husband in the backyard yesterday, and early reports are that she had a retraining order on him. All of the facts aren’t out yet, but any women who’s been threatened or stalked should protect herself with a GUN. A piece of paper means nothing.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #93: Does Putin OWN Trump? My guest thinks so.

The Helsinki debacle has everyone talking, and too many of them on the RIGHT have lost their minds. It doesn’t make you a Trump hater if you observe concerning behavior in a person and call it out. Ralph Peters, and career Army Intel officer, knows what Putin and Russia are capable of, and has no qualms about saying it.

Why does Trump criticize EVERY other world leader except Putin? Ralph thinks he knows….

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #92: Scarlett, Daniella and the intolerant trans crowd

Scarlett Johannson was supposed to portray a transgender man in movie, and the backlash from the “tolerant” trans community was…predictable. Clearly they don’t understand that ACTORS portray people they AREN’T. A columnist named Daniella Greenbaum dared to point out the ridiculousness of the outcry, and her column was spiked by her employer, Business Insider, because some employees of the site complained. Weekly Standard published her column.

This is beyond ridiculous. These so-called “marginalized” communities have become the biggest whiners in America, and they aren’t gaining any allies. In fact, they are hurting themselves.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #91: What WOULD help the homeless?

Is homelessness getting worse, or are the people who prefer to live on the streets just getting more bold? David Robeck, behavioral health professional and author of “Will Work For; The Untold Stories of the Homeless” talks about the wrong approaches to fixing the problem of homelessness, and some that might actually work.

Yes, “young conservatives” social issues still matter

I’ve heard some young, conservative talking heads say that about social issues aren’t important anymore. Some are of the opinion that government shouldn’t concern itself with those, or that the Right should drop them in order to gain more voters. Well, government does concern itself with social issues every day, in a variety of ways, many of which hurt society. There’s no neutral ground in the culture war. And political wins aren’t supposed to be the ultimate goal.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #89: Where are all the MEN? Guest: Pastor Kenny Luck

Pastor Kenny Luck, founder of Every Man Ministries and author of 23 books, joined me to discuss what has happened to all the MEN who used to be in churches. We have fathers leaving the home, which leaves boy uncertain of HOW to be men, and women untrusting of “masculinity”. It’s a bad combination.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #88: An officer “froze” in the Mandalay Bay hallway October 1?

A Metro police officer admits that on October 1, when he heard the rapid gunfire coming from an upstairs room in Mandalay Bay during the Las Vegas Massacre, he “froze” in the hallway instead of advancing. WHAT? Would lives have been saved if he’d gone forward? No one will ever know.

He was clearly scared, which all police officers are from time to time, but when lives are on the line, you’re supposed to at least TRY to do something. Lt. Randy Sutton, a 34 year law enforcement veteran, joined me to discuss the recent developments, and why Metro took the investigation away from their Homicide detectives.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #87: Whose (political) side is God really on?

Both sides of the aisle claim God has their back when it comes to politics, but the more important issue is that we Believers need to live the spiritual life and glorify God regardless of who’s in office. That goes for the Never Trump-ers, who are still whining about the evangelicals’ continuing support for Trump. Jesus never claimed that we couldn’t follow Him because so-and-so was in office.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #86: Annapolis Shooter’s Motives Don’t Satisfy MSM

The tragedy in Annapolis was immediately blamed on President Trump with ZERO evidence. Turns out the shooter had an ongoing dispute with that particular news staff. How the murderer ACCESSED that newsroom when he had been clearly threatening them for years is a subject for lawyers to look into.

Watch how quickly the leftie press moves on from this story that suddenly doesn’t fit their narrative. Unless of course, they want to focus on how “dangerous” it is to be a reporter.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #85: Travel Ban Upheld by a Non-Activist Supreme Court

No, this was not a “Muslim Ban” since the most populace Muslim countries weren’t on Trump’s list. The Supreme Court ruled on ONE thing: Did President Trump have the RIGHT to do this? An activist Justice would have allowed his comments on the campaign trail to effect their decision, and several did, but the difference here is that the court wasn’t supposed to consider that, so the majority didn’t. Thank you, President Trump.