Happy New Year! I won’t stop sharing truth in 2023. Aren’t you glad?

As 2023 begins, I am always hopeful and confident in God and His plan. I know that HE is firmly in control of what goes on, but as a communicator, I would be remiss if I did not mention what is clearly happening all around us. I will continue to post things that are uncomfortable, whether Facebook or YouTube like it or not, as I watch the BIGGEST LIE in my lifetime playing out daily. Here are some stats about athlete deaths in 2021-2022.

As always, you are free to draw your own conclusions, and even if there were autopsies, (often there aren’t) it’s hard to know for certain what has killed each of these people. What we DO know is that the numbers or “sudden deaths” and other major problems are through the roof in the (previously) healthiest members of our society.

By acknowledging what’s happening, and what has likely caused all of these “coincidences” perhaps we can get vaccinated people help, BEFORE they too “die suddenly”.

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