#351 Guest, Dr. Kelly Victory, MD on vaccine injuries and side effects

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Dr. Kelly Victory, MD joined me again with an update on what’s happening with the Covid shots, side effects, the medical community denying there’s a problem, etc. Some medical professionals believe that a vaxxed person who’s intimate with someone unvaxxed could potentially pass the spike proteins through kissing or sharing of other body fluids. That’s frightening.

Dr. Kelly Victory is a residency-trained trauma and emergency  specialist with over 30 years of clinical experience. She is an expert  in disaster preparedness and response and medical management of mass  casualties. Dr. Victory is an alumnus of the National Preparedness  Leadership Initiative by the Harvard School of Public Health and the  Kennedy School of Government to develop “meta-leaders” for national  disaster preparedness and response, and served as a member of the  Leadership Council at Harvard School of Public Health for many years.  Dr. Victory has worked with a range of public and private organizations  including companies, hospitals, schools, churches and municipalities on  public health issues including disaster and pandemic preparedness and  response.
Dr. Victory teaches “Active Shooter Rapid Response and Extraction”  and “Leadership in Times of Crisis” for first responders, community  leaders and organizations, aimed at limiting casualties, improving  outcomes, enhancing resiliency and coordinating emergency response  efforts. Dr. Victory has been a consistent and vocal proponent of  aggressive early outpatient treatment for COVID-19, as well as a  cautious and informed, risk-based approach to COVID vaccination. She  makes frequent radio and television appearances to discuss issues of  public health, disasters, and preparedness and response efforts, and has  been the daily voice of “The Doctor Hour” on KABC in Los Angeles  throughout the pandemic. Dr. Victory holds a BS from Duke University,  earned her MD from the University of North Carolina and completed her  residency in Emergency Medicine and Trauma at Carolinas Medical Center.
Her site: EarlyCovidCare.org

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