Headlines with Heidi! 20 year-old healthy nursing student dies ONE DAY after getting the coerced jab

Video HERE. A 20 year-old nurse was told she had to get the jab, (for a “pandemic” that’s OVER), so she could take her final nursing exams. She did, and one day later she DIED. I’m not posting her name because it would only cause the family more pain.

It’s terrible that you can spend years of your life getting an education, skills, degrees, etc, only to have someone tell you that you have to do just ONE MORE THING and then you can achieve that goal. Of course, that “one more thing” might take your life, but hey, it’s worth the risk, right?

I’m trying not to be so furious all the time about this situation. This “vaccine” is the biggest lie perpetrated on mankind in my lifetime. I’m heartbroken about what I’m seeing, but I have to give it to God. None of this is news to Him.

Also in this edition of Headlines With Heidi, if “Love is Love” is the standard, why CAN’T kids have sex with anyone they choose? “Kids have a right to have sex with anyone they choose…” The Spanish Minister of Equality said recently in Parliament! In public! They don’t even try to hide it anymore.

And two Las Vegas City Councilwomen had a middle school playground fight, with hair pulling and all, (so an investigator says). WE, the peasants haven’t seen the video. I’d like to, just for laughs.

And Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak is already talking about “rent control” in the next legislative session if (God forbid) he gets re-elected. You were warned!

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