Headlines with Heidi! Alex Jones verdict – is he the canary in the woke coal mine? And more!

Are we all next, if Alex jones can be put on trial for upsetting people??? I don’t agree with what he said about Sandy Hook, although in many cases, he’s been right about other things. Whether I agree or not should not e the standard.  People are lied to every day, and lied about. Toughen up! Remember we are told lies every day by those around us, including main stream media, Big Pharma, etc, It’s up to US to show discernment and be able to see lies for what they are. Also, will Big Pharma be sued by insurance companies because they withheld data? We know they did, and the insurance companies are losing a fortune in “non-covid” related deaths. One hedge fund manager thinks that might be the case. And more!

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  1. Joe Berry says:

    Heidi my late brother said something to the fact he saw some of the victims in the obituary before it occurred. I can’t say either way because I didn’t. I have heard the Government uses Crisis actors


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