Headlines with Heidi! Governor Sisolak’s cover-up of a negligent Covid “testing” company whose results were 96% false.

In another example of Nevada Governor Sisolak’s complete lack of ability to lead in a crisis, or any other time, we find that a company Nevada had contracted with provided inaccurate results 96% of the time, telling who knows how many people with Covid that they were FINE. Even after the problems were discovered, nothing was done. No one was notified. Who knows if someone infected a vulnerable family member unknowingly when their results were inaccurate? When even liberal news outlets are looking into this, you know you have a problem. Las Vegas Review Journal columnist Victor Joecks joined me to discuss the details.

According to ProPublica: “As evidence mounted that Northshore was telling infected people that they had tested negative for the virus, government managers in Nevada ignored their own scientists’ warnings and expanded the lab’s testing beyond schools to the general public. Ultimately, state public health officials found that Northshore’s PCR tests missed 96% of the positive cases from the university campus — errors that sent people infected with COVID-19 back into the community. But to date, neither state nor county health officials have alerted the public to the inaccurate tests.” Great job, Steve! Four more years! 

Here’s ProPublica’s story: https://www.propublica.org/article/covid-testing-nevada-false-negatives-northshore


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