Heidi Harris Show Podcast #163: Is minimalism becoming the new religion?

Lately I’ve been reading books and watching lots of videos about “minimalism”, and the freedom that comes from “decluttering”. I watch those videos for inspiration while I clean out closets and drawers. It’s always a good idea to move things out when they no longer fit you, or you will no longer use them, and I’ve been blessing people with tons of my stuff lately. Friends, thrift stores, you name it. I want it GONE.

But does minimalism really make you HAPPY? Not really. You might feel more organized, and I know I like the way my house looks better than it did 6 months ago, but did I find Happiness? Contentment? Uh, no….

I honestly think the minimalist movement is becoming the new religion for some people. “Downsize, toss, donate! You’ll find HAPPINESS!” Wow, is that all it takes?

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