Heidi Harris show Podcast #204: Classic interviews – Legendary Jazz singer, pianist Joe Darro

Joe Darro is a Vegas legend, playing piano and singing here since the 1950’s. At 85, he still sings and plays like a man half his age, and has played for everyone who’s anyone (even me). I swear, the man knows every song in any key. He also played with my dad (a trumpet player) back in the heyday of Vegas. He’s got great stories about the greats, and knows Vegas musical history, because he helped MAKE it.

Joe has great stories about Jack Jones, Debbie Reynolds, Joe Williams, Sammy Davis Jr. and a very drunk Judy Garland! He even turned down $10,000 from the National Enquirer to sneak a camera into of Wayne Newton’s wedding that he was playing.

He and I sat down right after a gig he was playing, coincidentally, the weekend before Vegas was shut down. Guys like Joe Darro made Vegas what it was, musically. Enjoy!

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