Heidi Harris Show Podcast #205: Classic interviews – “Goodfellas” mobster Henry Hill

I’ve done many interesting interviews over the years, and one that was particularly memorable was my chat with Henry Hill, the man whose life story is the basis for the movie “Goodfellas”. Henry has passed away since, but this was a fun chat. Before you listen to this interview, I suggest you re-watch Goodfellas, to refresh your memory. We discussed what was accurate in the movie, versus what was embellished for Hollywood. Enjoy!

(I think I had too much caffeine that day…wow, am I talking fast!)

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  1. H. Tim Berends says:

    You did such a great job with Henry Hill! I could relate to him because of the dyslexia. He sure didn’t make that lifestyle appealing with 11 friends being whacked. I hope he met the Lord before he left us. You really do your homework! Thanks again for the ride!

  2. Wesley Scott Montileaux says:

    Finally get to listen to more of you! I give plasma twice a week, this I the perfect length show. And yes….you were all over the place!!! Good show! Thank you!!


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