Heidi Harris Show Podcast #21: NBC Refuses to Adapt to Consumers

If NBC had half a brain, they would make the 2018 Olympics far easier to access. I downloaded the NBC Sports app, thinking it would help. But the APP is useless, because they want you to have a CABLE provider to access their Olympics coverage. With all the millions of cord cutters, (including me), they are losing millions of eyes, yet again.

The most basic rule of marketing is to make it as easy to use your product as possible. The days of everyone waiting 8 hours after an event to watch truncated prime time coverage of ANY sport, (when we already know the results) are OVER. Sorry Katie – no one cares.

Anyone under 40 never had to wait to watch cartoons or anything else as a child. They popped a VHS or DVD in whenever they wanted to see something. They don’t even comprehend “prime time” TV as our parents defined it.

And of course NBC will blame the time difference for the lack of viewership. You need to play by MY rules as a consumer or lose me.

NBC should hire some 30 year-olds to program the network. THEY understand how real people consume media these days.

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