Heidi Harris Show Podcast #20: When Management Doesn’t Have Your Back (Megyn Kelly)

Megyn Kelly is an example of many things, the main one being that the people who hired her didn’t understand the changing dynamics of her fan base, and now want to blame HER for what’s happening to her show. THEY should have known that the people on the right no longer like her, the left never accepted her, and those are the people watching daytime TV! If the show goes down in flames, bully on THEM.

What she asked Jane Fonda months ago about plastic surgery was fair, and so was her response to Jane’s outrage, but now NBC execs are hanging Megyn out to dry, because they’re afraid of Jane Fonda!

The NBC execs have blown this again. Remember how much they paid Conan O’Brien to go away? I’ll remind you – $40 million.

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