Heidi Harris Show Podcast #26 – Kathy Griffin and Jesus

Comedian Kathy Griffin lost jobs, friends, and public approval after offending a lot of people with the “severed Trump head” photos, and all she’s done since is whine, whine whine, and attack her critics.

She very publicly told Jesus to “suck it” at an awards ceremony a few years back. She also said, “This award is my god now”! Well, clearly that award is not providing her the contentment or peace of mind Christians have when they’re persecuted, fairly or unfairly.

I, too was fired for “offending” a group of people, but I never whined, and I have complete contentment in my soul. That doesn’t come from ME, it comes from God. The same one Kathy trashed. She might want to to give Him a try. Nothing else she’s doing is working.

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  1. Robin Skone-Palmer says:

    I wonder if people like that ever learn. They are their own “gods.” Remember your imaginary friend you had as a child who always wanted to do what you wanted to do? Sadly, they still have that imaginary friend, although a bit more grown-up. They call him “god,” and he approves of whatever they do. It sounds like a great way to be, but sadly, doesn’t seem to bring joy or love or peace.


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