Heidi Harris Show Podcast #27 – Church Receives Death Threats for Offering THERAPY?

A Michigan Pastor is receiving DEATH THREATS because he offers, among other programs at his church, a class for teens who might be struggling with their sexuality. Gay rights groups consider that class (that no one is forced to attend) offensive. To hell with choice or a Pastor’s right to offer a Biblical perspective on sexuality.

Apparently if any kid asks a Pastor for guidance, the correct (and only) sanctioned response is to deliver the kid to a local Gay Center immediately. Do not Pass Go. Do not collect $100. Don’t mention God or His plan. Don’t even stop at Starbucks along the way.

My guest is local Pastor Bill Walker, a former entertainer and now Pastor of The Four Seasons Church, who was in gay relationships in the past, so he understands both the spiritual and the activist sides of the issue.

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