Heidi Harris Show Podcast #44: What Caused The Opioid Crisis? A Pain Doctor Speaks

What’s this “opioid crisis” we keep hearing about? Who’s at fault? Drug companies? Addicts? Doctors? Illegal drug dealers? The Chinese?

Dr. Dan Laird is my guest. He is the Executive Director of Flamingo Pain Specialists in Las Vegas, and as a doctor and a lawyer, he’s got great insight into the problem and how we can get a grip on it, without making patients or doctors feel like criminals.

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  1. Michelle says:

    One of the problems is that the cost of pain management has skyrocketed General Physians who have treated chronic pain, are generally the Family Dr’s who have treated us for yrs
    And they know whats wronge with us, & have given us all the warnings. Starting us out on low levels of opiats, after all else has failed.
    Then these so called guidelines put the fear of God upon them. They have wittnessed their friends & peers getting busted by the DEA. So they stop prescribing. They know it could happen to them. It’s a horrifically sad story.
    And that includes how, the suffering are paying a penalty three times greater.


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