Heidi Harris Show Podcast #47: Laura Ingraham, David Hogg, and Twitter Terrorism

My book is prescient. I predicted ALL of this, and now Laura Ingraham has been forced to APOLOGIZE to this gun grabbing teenager, David Hogg, for merely needling him about not getting into several colleges. That was ALL she did!

Advertisers are leaving her show in droves, because he and his twitter army have called for a boycott. But her apology won’t appease them. It never does. That’s why I don’t/won’t/never have done it.

Wimpy advertisers and emboldened lefties will be the doom of conservative talk.

There was a time when any ADULT could chastise a child and it was considered acceptable. Now if you question them, they want your head on a stick. We’re in trouble, folks.

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