Heidi Harris Show Podcast #57: Waffle House Shooter’s FATHER as Guilty as His Son

The shooter at the Waffle House in Tennessee was clearly disturbed, but his FATHER knew he was crazy, and gave him access to his guns after the Feds had taken them because of some strange behavior he exhibited near the White House.

Travis Reinking believed that Taylor Swift was stalking him, yet that didn’t set off alarm bells? He had other run-ins with authorities, yet his daddy clearly thought his little darling would be okay having access to guns.

Gun laws will never be able to account for the human factor, the common sense factor, or objectivity that too many parents lack when it comes to their kids. Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza’s mom KNEW he was crazy, yet she bought him guns. Clearly the Parkland shooter’s mom knew Nikolas Cruz had issues, yet he too, had guns.

Parents and other family members must be the first line of defense. Everyone is NOT responsible enough to have access to guns, or a car, or many other things that, while perfectly legal, can be deadly in the wrong hands.

More laws won’t help. The feds can’t be in everyone’s home. At least not yet.

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