Heidi Harris Show Podcast #60: Pot Money Won’t Fix Schools

Colorado schools are complaining that they’re not getting enough of the revenue from legal pot sales, as if that would fix the ills of the education system. Now Nevada school officials are whining about the same thing.

Here’s a FACT: Money won’t solve the problems schools face, which are largely caused by the breakdown of the family, combined with refusal of school administrators to demand decent behavior at school.

Behavior unacceptable in any other public environment should not be allowed in schools. This ridiculous PC thinking that punishing poorly behaving kids will make them more likely to head to prison is ineffective to say the least. Actually, allowing the bad behavior to go unanswered means they’re more likely to wind up incarcerated.

Schools are sometimes the last chance to socialize kids and demonstrate what the real world will expect of them. We must not abdicate our responsibilities to taxpayers, the kids in need of an education, and ultimately to society.

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