Heidi Harris Show Podcast #59: Big Announcement!

I’m going back to commercial radio, and I hope you’ll join me weekdays 9-10 AM at my new radio home, 670 AM KMZQ! Yes, I will continue to do my podcasts, too.

I will be talking about local issues as only a LOCAL host can, and of course if the big story of the day is a national one, we’ll cover that, too. And I’ll take your calls.

I hope you’ll join me on Tuesday for the launch of my NEW show!

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  1. Michael McEuin says:

    I want to listen, but I am currently out of state. I tried the stream link on the stations website and the Tune-In link, but neither seem to work. Is there a way to listen on-line or maybe they are are podcasting the show?


    Michael McEuin


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