Heidi Harris Show Podcast #62: Columnist Asks How Evangelicals Can Support Trump

David French, columnist for National Review, and a man whose opinion and background I respect, cannot understand how evangelicals can still defend Trump. Of course he was a “never Trumper”. It seems to me that we should never overlook or defend bad behavior, but since God puts elected officials in place, even very flawed ones, in order to further His purposes, shouldn’t we all relax?

Yes, integrity matters, and Trump wasn’t my first or tenth choice, but ultimately God’s plan is not hindered by bad leaders. I refer you to the Old Testament, where 75% of the kings were evil.

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  1. Guy Mills says:

    Glad to see your back on Commercial radio we enjoy listening to you every morning looking forward to the station extending the time that you’re on the air hoping they give you at least a three hour spot soon
    Loyal listeners
    Guy & Lynn


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