Heidi Harris Show #252: Rep. Adam Kinzinger on “convicting Trump to save the country”

This was from my show last week, when the impeachment proceedings were still happening. But the principles still apply, now that Trump has been exonerated AGAIN.

Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger, in an op-ed this week, stated the need to convict Trump. “…The future of our party and our country depends on confronting what happened — so it doesn’t happen again.” Oh, brother.

They are trying Trump on the fact that he was elected to begin with, and the fact that he’s been the rock in the GOP Establishment’s shoe for five years, not on what happened January 6. Kinzinger’s selective outrage is laughable. He’s incensed about the events of January 6, while ignoring the BLM riots that are STILL destroying our cities.

For all his inelegance, Trump tried to put America first, which most in Congress never have nor ever will. All they care about is pushing paper around and holding meaningless hearings so they look like they’re “doing something”. Once elected, all they care about is STAYING in office. “We The People” are a distant memory.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #245: Can a Biden Presidency benefit the church? Guest: Dr. Michael Brown

“Are we Jesus people or Trump people?” That’s the question Dr. Michael Brown asked on my show this week. Dr. Brown has been a Trump voter and Trump supporter, but never an apologist when he felt Trump was in error. But as a Christian first, he’s dismayed as I am by the cult-like following Trump has gained, especially among Christians, who should only be putting their trust in God, not people. In his latest column, he discusses how a Biden Presidency might actually benefit the church. Find him at .

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #242: What Trump should do on his way out

As we head toward a Joe Biden administration, I am discouraged by the anger I see directed at Mike Pence. Although I believe the election was fraught with problems, and frankly, stolen from Trump, at some point you have to move on. Breaking news: Life isn’t fair. Mike Pence is NOT the cause of Trump’s loss, and should not be blamed by conservatives going forward. Trump won the Presidency partly because Pence on the ticket reassured the Evangelical voters. He’s been absolutely loyal, and his reputation should not be sullied by Trump throwing grenades over his shoulder as he leaves the White House.

Dr. Michael Brown reminds us that Trump was never our Savior

In his most recent column, Dr. Brown makes great points as always. I know far too many people who have treated Trump like the Messiah for four years. He never was. He did some great things, and some not so great things. What he DID was far more important than what he tweeted or said, by the way, and far more impactful for our nation and our world. Some of his decisions will benefit us for generations to come.
Some people got distracted or discouraged by Trump’s personality. That’s too bad, because you often have to look past that in people. For example, many people, like some politicians and spiritual leaders, are icky sweet in person and turn on the charm, but behind the scenes they’re doing great evil.
I don’t believe Trump did anything he didn’t think would benefit America. Sometimes his approach has been less than diplomatic, to be sure, but I do think he honestly tried to do what was best for AMERICA. The entrenched interests on both sides fought him tooth and nail. They never wanted someone to ask questions or upset their apple cart. They liked the “old way of doing business”, which of course, was doing NOTHING.
We know there was election fraud, and there’s a certain amount in every election, and I’m still hoping that Trump can win this fairly.
But if Biden wins this unfairly, we are commanded to go on with our lives like God’s people have in every generation, regardless of who’s in charge. And remember that only God, not politicians, can save us.
“Put not your trust in princes…who cannot save” Psalm 146:3

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #221: Guest, Robert Spencer “Rating the Presidents”

Robert Spencer, of, has been a man I’ve followed and admired for years. His latest book, Rating the Presidents; An America-First look at who is best, who is overrated, and Who was an Absolute Disaster” takes an objective look at all of our Presidents, and how their policies line up with what presidents are supposed to be doing for America. Really good stuff.

Robert’s jihad watch site:

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #214: What I saw at the Evangelicals for Trump event

I attended the Evangelicals for Trump event in Las Vegas recently, which the City of Las Vegas tried to shut down at the last minute. Luckily the owners of the venue showed some spine, and refused to close it down. There was controversy, of course. Too bad so sad, Governor/City of Las Vegas. We have to stand up to bullies.


Heidi Harris Show Podcast #190: Napp Nazworth, former Christian Post editor on leaving CP over Trump

One of the sites I read every day is the Christian Post. Napp Nazworth, as a writer/editor for the Christian Post for the past eight years, was a man whose columns I have posted to my social media accounts many times. He takes courageous stands on social issues, which is too rare these days. I respect his positions. Napp recently left CP because he didn’t agree with the posting of an editorial in support of President Trump.

The Brethren have been squabbling quite a bit over Trump lately. Perhaps The Enemy wants to divide us using Trump? Napp was kind enough to join me to discuss it.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #177: Two experts weigh in on Turkey/Syria

Trump’s policy change on Turkey and Syria has people on both sides of the aisle up in arms. Is he doing the right thing? Two of my favorite go-to experts weigh in: Robert Spencer from and Lt. Col Ralph Peters, a career Army Intel veteran.