Why isn’t anyone talking about Sweden (and Covid)?

Isn’t it fun to see the libs go crazy when a country (whose Covid rates are dropping), doesn’t go along with the company line?

Here’s a chart of the dropping rates of Covid in Sweden:

Here are the Swedish guidelines for Covid. No masks.

From the Lancet: “(Sweden) has maintained an approach that mainly builds on recommendations to take voluntary actions, guided (in our view) more by public opinion than by sound public health policy.

Oh, NO!! How DARE they give their people freedom and allow for personal responsibility? The “public health cabal” were losing their minds over it. That was in April. Sweden now ranks #40 in the world in Covid numbers. And most people who have Covid don’t get really sick, or die.

Here’s a great column from Substack, authored by several people, complete with graphs to prove that what Israel has done has been disastrous, while Sweden is looking pretty good.

Of course many other countries don’t have accurate reporting, or they do things like give their people cheap and available cures. We don’t do that in the U.S. Our doctors mostly just send you home, (or tell you not to come in if you’ve had a positive test), give you nothing, and tell you to come back if you can’t breathe. Then you go on a vent, and you die. And the hospital gets Covid bonus money.

Many doctors say (not me – DOCTORS) say that the “vaccine” was designed to combat the initial Sars-CoV-2 virus and not to do much to prevent infection with any of the variants. We know that the “vaccine” doesn’t prevent anyone whose had it from spreading or catching Covid, so what is the point again? Oh, yeah, POWER and CONTROL.

Heidi Harris

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