Rush Limbaugh’s most important decisions were spiritual

America and conservative causes owe Rush Limbaugh a debt of gratitude, but as a radio host, I owe Rush so much more. He opened doors for people like me, by bringing back the AM band and providing openings for thousands of us over the years. He taught a generation of broadcasters how it’s done. It wasn’t about politics, although most people focused on that. He was an entertainer, above all.

Great broadcasting isn’t necessarily about the subject matter. Howard Stern isn’t famous just because he had girls take their tops off in his studio. Many others have tried that approach and and failed. Just as other conservative talk show hosts have tried reading the Drudge Report as show prep and failed. They did not understand what Rush brought to the broadcasting side of things.

Best-selling author Joel C. Rosenberg (who has been a guest on my show many times) knew him well, and writes about Rush’s spiritual awakening over the last few years. THIS is what matters to me, and to God, and for eternity.

Rush and others like him tried their best to highlight what was happening politically in our country and the world. But in 30 years on the air, he did not eliminate corruption. Nor will I. That, we’ll always have with us. HOWEVER, his decision to trust Christ is what matters for eternity. See you soon, Rush.

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  1. MARK WALKER says:

    Well, we ARE in a spiritual battle. The Enemy has taken over many parts of government AND the Church. We can deny this at our peril.
    So, metaphorically speaking, the devil has taken politicians, entertainers, AND clerics up a top of the mountain. He shows them all the cities they can rule, and says, “All of these can be yours. All you need do is to take the knee and worship me.”
    Jesus would have none of it. Yet many of the mortals did kneel, and are doing what the enemy wants.
    Still, we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but with spiritual thugs, and their above useful idiots.

    Heidi, you wrestle well. May we all do so!


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