Headlines with Heidi! ER Nurse on Covid misinformation (video) 5-6-22

“People want to believe that healthcare isn’t corrupt”. Brittany Seaubaugh is an ER nurse who has seen incredible things during the pandemic. ICU’s half empty or entire wings closed, while media inaccurately reported “the ICU’s are FULL!”.

Britanny saw ER’s empty because people were too scared of getting Covid to seek emergency treatment for other conditions, medical staff laid off, protocols followed that often killed patients, etc.

Headlines with Heidi! 4/22/21 Guest, Dr. Kelly Victory!

Dr. Kelly Victory joined me with a Covid update: Which symptoms and conditions doctors are seeing in people who’ve had the jab, and what you can do if you’ve had it and are concerned.

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“The Global COVID Vaccination Campaign Is Courting Catastrophe”

“The COVID-19 vaccination crusade is a global crime the like of which the world has not yet seen. Those complicit in this vast crime against humanity are the vaccine manufacturers, the leaders of the regulatory agencies, public health officials, and politicians…”

This isn’t over. The media may have largely moved on from Covid stories day and night, but the fallout from their relentless cheerleading of the jab is far from over. In this excellent article from Vasko Kohlmayer, he talks about the global catastrophe awaiting us, when 60% of the world have taken these experimental jabs. We truly don’t know what will happen to public health in the coming decades.

I’m still amazed that so many people got the jab without asking any questions. What will they believe next time (if there’s anyone left)?

Headlines with Heidi! 3/10/22 Guest: Dr. Kelly Victory!

Dr. Kelly Victory, Board-Certified physician for over 30 years, joined me to discuss a very concerning attempt by the Surgeon General to weed out anyone who provided “misinformation” during the pandemic. They’ve posted a RIF (Request for Information) asking anyone who believes they’ve been “exposed” to “misinformation about Covid-19, treatments, vaccines, etc, to rat them out to government.  Of course the way the Biden administration defines “misinformation” is anything that doesn’t encourage you to get 14 jabs without asking any questions.

Very distinguished and highly credentialed people who have dared to ask why the “science” has changed every week, point out that the CDC has been hiding data, or voice concerns about the side effects and other problems with these untested vaccines is censored, as Dr. Victory and many of her colleagues have been.

Dr. Victory and Dr. Robert Malone are encouraging people to fill it out and talk about the lies promulgated on us by Big Tech, Big Cable, etc. Link to the form:

Dr. Victory has a website with great information and research on it:



CDC Director Walensky ADMITS a lot of what many of us have said all along about “science”, “vaccines”, etc.

Wow. In a chat at Washington University Medical School in St. Louis last week, she admitted some things many of us have been talking about since DAY ONE:

“We had too little caution and too much optimism” about the vaccines. Ya think???

So many of us wanted it to be helpful, so many of us wanted to say, ‘OK, this is our ticket out, we’re done.” They just ran with it because it sounded good.

About the “science”: “I think public heard that as the science is foolproof. Science is black and white. Science is immediate, and we get the answer and we make a decision based on the answer….science is gray.” Oh really???

“…science is not always immediate. And sometimes it takes months and years to actually find out the answer. But you have to make decisions in a pandemic before you have that answer.” Yeah, well that’s why you TEST those vaccines over the course of many YEARS to be certain they help and and don’t harm people. All of us who have been asking questions have been vindicated. Too bad half the world will suffer from the (still unknown) consequences. Start at 25:44

Column: “The global covid vaccination campaign is courting disaster”

Vasko Kohlmayer had an excellent piece about the side effects of the so-called “vaccines” and what 4.7 BILLION people having been given at least one jab will mean for humanity.  

Headlines with Heidi! Guest: Rabbi Chananya Weissman on “The Covid Cult and the ten commandments

Rabbi Chananya Weissman is an Orthodox Rabbi, author, filmmaker in Jerusalem. He is very concerned about what he’s seeing with vaccines in Israel. His most recent column was “The Covid Cult and the Ten Commandments” We talked about WHY the Jewish people have been so quick to become a national experiment, his recent columns, politics in Israel, and the HOPE that is always present, even in the worst circumstances.  

His website is 

Headlines with Heidi! 2/8/22

Dem politician says he’s ready to “give people their lives back”???? As IF he ever held my life in his hands! Biden free crack pipes??? Anything to further tear our families apart…. And MORE!

Headlines with Heidi! 1/28/22

Nevada one of the worst states for employees quitting, as people are re-thinking their priorities in a post-Covid world. Culinary Union complaining about “room cleaning policies”. I have no idea what they’re upset about. Local man sentenced for girlfriend’s drug death. The tragedy of losing a child at that age, just because she was dating a bad guy who led her astray.  There’s lots to be concerned about, but don’t let the current event situation get you down. Remember God is still on the throne!