Top five reasons I haven’t had the Covid shot

I did a video on this and it was instantly removed by Vimeo And YouTube. They called it “disinformation”. I’ll let you decide if anything I’m saying here is a lie. 

Top five reasons I haven’t had the shot:

1. It was rushed to market. Effective vaccines take many years to bring to market, requiring extensive testing. I’ve benefitted from many of them. In the case of this shot, WE are the lab rats. We’re only just now beginning to see the horrible effects and the tragic stories and mysterious deaths in the news every day, if you’d care to look.

2. I HAD Covid. Until 2020, developing immunity once you’ve recovered from something was accepted by medical experts the world over. If that weren’t the case, human beings would have died out long ago. I last had the flu15 years ago. I had Covid two years ago. Haven’t had either one since.

3. Everyone, everywhere was pushing this shot and there was no exception for people who were Covid-recovered, pregnant, immune compromised, or anything else. Really? One size fits all? Lots of people can’t take ASPIRIN. My dad was allergic to penicillin!

4. Doctors and hospitals weren’t allowed to provide any treatment that violated the protocol set by the CDC. No early intervention with effective drugs that cost pennies and have been around for 60 years? Just send you home “and don’t come back until you can’t breathe”??? Since when do ALL doctors agree on ANY course of treatment for ANYONE?? Since when can’t doctors decide for their own patients what’s best? Since 2020.

5. Anyone who spoke out or asked questions was shamed, virtue signaled, cancelled, silenced, fired, threatened, censored, etc. If you’re certain what you’re doing is right, questions don’t scare you. What were they hiding? When my blind obedience is demanded, my nose starts twitching.

I have dozens more, of course. You’ll notice I have not mentioned who the President is or was, China, Bill Gates, WHO, population control, Qanon, microchips, or anything else. I don’t need to.

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