Heidi Harris Show Podcast #307: Dr. Kelly Victory on the Omicrom Variant!

Dr. Kelly Victory joined me once again, this time to discuss the Omicron Variant! Should we all be TERRIFIED, or this is a big yawn? Board Certified 30 year physician Dr. Victory has the #FactsNotFear. @DrKellyVictory

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #301: Dr. Kelly Victory w #FactsNotFear on Covid

Dr. Kelly victory joined me on my St. Louis show to discuss Dr. Fauci’s inability to explain to Sanjay Gupta on CNN why Covid-Recovered people should get the vax, and why people are dying in greater numbers than they need to, because they’re not getting proper early treatment.

She and some other doctors have created a website with great information on it.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #292: Dr. Kelly Victory on “horse medicine” for Covid. Does it work?

What is this “horse medicine” for Covid that we keep hearing about? (Ivermectin) Dr. Kelly victory, #FactsNotFear, a 30 year physician and Board Certified emergency medical specialist, joined me to explain that drug, how it works, and why rigid “hospital protocols” are contribute to Covid deaths.

HeidiHarris Show Podcast #275: #FactsNotFear about Covid with Dr Kelly Victory

Dr. Kelly Victory joined me again this week, with an update on the Covid situation in India, the so-called “double-mutant” and is it possible that someone who has had the jab could cause fertility problems for others by just being near them? #FactsNotFear @DrKellyVictory

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #269: Dr Kelly Victory on Covid lies, and #FactsNotFear

Dr Kelly Victory joins me each week with updates on the lies being perpetuated by the MSM and the fearful left, including cable networks that depend on fear and clicks to keep them afloat. This week we talked about Dr. Fauci’s recent non-answer to NBC host Chuck Todd asking him why we have to wear masks after we’re vaccinated.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #264: Dr. Kelly Victory on Fauci taking credit for vaccines

Dr. Kelly Victory, President of Victory Health, joins me every week to provide #FactNotFear. On this week’s show, we talked about Dr. Anthony Fauci taking credit for the vaccines, and the benefits of Ivermectin as a treatment for Covid. We also discussed why you didn’t need a flu shot to travel a year ago, but with Covid, people are talking about that being a requirement to attend concerts or travel. You can guess why. It has nothing to do with the dangers….

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #255: Dr. Kelly Victory on J& J Vaccine #FactsnotFear

Dr. Kelly Victory, President of Victory Health, joins me every week for what we call Medical Mondays. We’ve been talking about the Covid vaccines lately, and how they are not FDA approved. Dr. Victory is NOT an anti-vaxxer, and if fact is very supportive of taking vaccines to prevent various diseases and ailments, but not in the case of these rushed-to-market Covid vaccines. She explains why in today’s podcast. Follow her @Drkellyvictory.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #249: Guest, Dr. Kelly Victory, #FactsNotFear

Dr. Kelly Victory, a board certified trauma and emergency specialist with over 25 years of clinical experience, joins me every week at 9:40 AM. She is an expert in disaster preparedness and response and the medical management of mass casualties.

She joins me to present #FactsNotFear about the Coronavirus and other issues. She is a Covid-19 vaccine skeptic, but generally VERY pro-vaccine in most cases. This week we talked about the new “variant” and why South African is changing the Astra-Zeneca distribution plan because apparently the vaccine in use isn’t working on the newly discovered variant. Should we be concerned?

And what about pregnant women, some of whom are miscarrying after getting the jab??

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #243: Guest, Dr. Kelly Victory #FactsNotFear

Dr. Kelly Victory, an MD with an expertise in trauma and disaster preparedness, has been a light in a world of darkness and misinformation. She’ll be joining my live show each week for Medical Mondays, providing #FactsNotFear to my listeners. Find her on Twitter at @DrKellyVictory. She joined me to provide some common sense perspective on contrast to the Covid “fearmongering” that’s spreading all over the nightly news.