Headlines with Heidi! 3/10/22 Guest: Dr. Kelly Victory!

Dr. Kelly Victory, Board-Certified physician for over 30 years, joined me to discuss a very concerning attempt by the Surgeon General to weed out anyone who provided “misinformation” during the pandemic. They’ve posted a RIF (Request for Information) asking anyone who believes they’ve been “exposed” to “misinformation about Covid-19, treatments, vaccines, etc, to rat them out to government.  Of course the way the Biden administration defines “misinformation” is anything that doesn’t encourage you to get 14 jabs without asking any questions.

Very distinguished and highly credentialed people who have dared to ask why the “science” has changed every week, point out that the CDC has been hiding data, or voice concerns about the side effects and other problems with these untested vaccines is censored, as Dr. Victory and many of her colleagues have been.

Dr. Victory and Dr. Robert Malone are encouraging people to fill it out and talk about the lies promulgated on us by Big Tech, Big Cable, etc. Link to the form: https://forms.office.com/pages/responsepage.aspx?id=6t2K1VNQgEqEmbpNlEkQ37-DIXiJEuFOtWr9gzkH2shUNzdaSkMwTjMxSkg0M0xXOFFEQ1g0UEhFVS4u

Dr. Victory has a website with great information and research on it: EarlyCovidCare.org.


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