#365 Advice to young ladies – before it’s too late

I’m hearing more and more disturbing things about the state of dating and marriage these days. Men don’t want to get married, partially because they know they’ll get shafted in divorce court, and besides, women have wishlists a mile long for any potential suitors. Here’s some advice for young women who think they can demand more than you bring to the table. Stop expecting a man to “meet your needs” and appreciate men for who they are and who God made them to be. They’re not your girlfriends. They’re not supposed to fulfill that role. Heed my words before it’s too late.

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“Better Bachelor”

“Kevin Samuels”


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Headlines with Heidi! 3/9/22 When you want a prince, but your baggage won’t fit in Cinderella’s carriage

A relationship expert named Kevin Samuels recently died unexpectedly, age 57. I looked him up and he’s kind of the black version of Dr. Laura. Watching his videos is enlightening. He’s fantastic. Speaking TRUTH to women who don’t want to hear it. The fact that you don’t want to hear it doesn’t make it untrue.

Women call him who are entitled or what don’t want to “settle” on a man who makes less than six figures and wind up alone. They think they’re such prizes and it’s hilarious. Too many women I know are the same. They want a guy who has this, and this, and this…never mentioning or focusing on character, and then they wonder why they’re alone. It’s not called “settling”. Eliminate that word from your vocabulary, ladies. Does he love GOD? Does he love YOU? Does he make an honorable living? That’s what should matter. But keep it up, ladies, and you’ll be alone forever.

Headlines with Heidi! 12/27/21

GOP Congressman getting divorced after ONE year? Why are young people so quick to give up on marriage? Pfizer booster loses strength after 10 weeks? Man had a severed HEAD in a cooler when cops pulled him over. What? And MORE!

Headlines with Heidi! 11/29/21

How do Dems plan to get rid of Kamala Harris? Is the Bible racist? Should Believers marry Unbelievers? Omicron scariness, and more! 

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #284: Career update – Deciding what’s important

Recently I had to make a decision that should be easy, but is sometimes complicated. I chose family over career. At the end of the day, what matters isn’t some job, but what God would intend for your life. If you choose for Him, you’ll never lose.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #202: Rachel Gilson, “Born (again) this way”

I came across a very important book by a woman who has been involved with women in her younger years, became a Christian, and eventually married a man. The book is called “Born (again) This Way”, by Rachel Gilson.

Her story is not quite as neat as that description sounds. Same sex attraction is treated by some churches as the worst possible sin. Is it? What about gossip? Most churches ignore that one, and frankly gossip destroys more relationships than anything else I have seen. The concepts Rachel talks about in her book go far beyond gay or straight. We are all MORE than our temptations, sexual or otherwise, or at least we should be…

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #175: Tend to your marriage or lose it

Your marriage is more important than your social media profile. That should be obvious, but I just saw a YouTube designer who revealed that her husband fell in love with someone else after nearly forty years. She mentioned this as an aside, after she talked about how many subscribers she has, and ran a video retrospective of her designs over the years. I know nothing about her, but she certainly seemed to care a great deal about complete strangers, maybe while her husband was left to rot? Just something for ALL of us to consider as we are pulled in many different directions.