Headlines with Heidi! 3/9/22 When you want a prince, but your baggage won’t fit in Cinderella’s carriage

A relationship expert named Kevin Samuels recently died unexpectedly, age 57. I looked him up and he’s kind of the black version of Dr. Laura. Watching his videos is enlightening. He’s fantastic. Speaking TRUTH to women who don’t want to hear it. The fact that you don’t want to hear it doesn’t make it untrue.

Women call him who are entitled or what don’t want to “settle” on a man who makes less than six figures and wind up alone. They think they’re such prizes and it’s hilarious. Too many women I know are the same. They want a guy who has this, and this, and this…never mentioning or focusing on character, and then they wonder why they’re alone. It’s not called “settling”. Eliminate that word from your vocabulary, ladies. Does he love GOD? Does he love YOU? Does he make an honorable living? That’s what should matter. But keep it up, ladies, and you’ll be alone forever.



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