36 year-old healthy mother dies from the shot! At least they’re admitting it…

Don’t take my word for it – her DOCTOR finally had to admit it. Can you imagine, two kids with no mom because she got a shot that she didn’t need??? To “prevent” something that had practical zero chance of killing her? The repercussions of this shot are profound, and now most who’ve gotten the jab are in full blown denial. Meanwhile, Bill gates is still talking about the need for boosters every 6 months….and kids have now been “approved” to get booster shots.

Headlines with Heidi! 5/17/22 “The biggest lie perpetrated on mankind in my lifetime.”

The shot has to be the biggest lie perpetrated on mankind in my lifetime. We’ve got libs stroking out all over the place, including a Senator and the Lt. Gov of Pennsylvania just in the last week. I will not stop talking about it, because the lies will continue forever, as the damage done to mankind reveals itself.


Headlines with Heidi! 4/26/22 “US Freedom Flyers” co-founder Josh Yoder!

Josh Yoder, professional airline pilot and co-founder of US Freedom Flyers, has concerns about what the jab is doing to pilots. He joined me to talk about how many pilots have problems from the jab, and how concerned we ALL should be. 

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Headlines with Heidi! 3/22/22 (video)

Former MO Governor and US Senate candidate Eric Greitens’ ex-wife accusations of abuse, why people with domestic problems should not run/they’re not going to give up on the jab, some officials calling it a “cultural problem” that some people don’t want government telling them what to do/CCSD social worker talks about her philosophy on “restorative justice”, what I think would really help in the schools, and MORE!

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“The Global COVID Vaccination Campaign Is Courting Catastrophe”

“The COVID-19 vaccination crusade is a global crime the like of which the world has not yet seen. Those complicit in this vast crime against humanity are the vaccine manufacturers, the leaders of the regulatory agencies, public health officials, and politicians…”

This isn’t over. The media may have largely moved on from Covid stories day and night, but the fallout from their relentless cheerleading of the jab is far from over. In this excellent article from Vasko Kohlmayer, he talks about the global catastrophe awaiting us, when 60% of the world have taken these experimental jabs. We truly don’t know what will happen to public health in the coming decades.

I’m still amazed that so many people got the jab without asking any questions. What will they believe next time (if there’s anyone left)?

Column: “The global covid vaccination campaign is courting disaster”

Vasko Kohlmayer had an excellent piece about the side effects of the so-called “vaccines” and what 4.7 BILLION people having been given at least one jab will mean for humanity.  

Headlines with Heidi! Guest: Rabbi Chananya Weissman on “The Covid Cult and the ten commandments

Rabbi Chananya Weissman is an Orthodox Rabbi, author, filmmaker in Jerusalem. He is very concerned about what he’s seeing with vaccines in Israel. His most recent column was “The Covid Cult and the Ten Commandments” We talked about WHY the Jewish people have been so quick to become a national experiment, his recent columns, politics in Israel, and the HOPE that is always present, even in the worst circumstances.  

His website is 

Rabbi Weissman: “31 reasons why I won’t take the vaccine”

This is an excellent analysis. Rabbi Chananya Weissman outlines many of the concerns we so-called “anti-vaxxers” have had all along. I’m so afraid for the Jewish people, so many of whom have gotten this jab, (or two or three or FOUR)!!! I cannot believe they bought into this, willingly becoming lab rats for the world. I will be interviewing the Rabbi, and posting the video.

Headlines with Heidi! 1/13/22

 #Biden presser was a disaster today, are climate lockdowns coming, and a new push to get Zaon Collins off the hook for killing an innocent man. Our marijuana laws are a disgrace. And more! 


Heidi Harris Show Podcast #310: Headlines for 1/13/22

#Biden presser was a disaster today, are climate lockdowns coming, and a new push to get Zaon Collins off the hook for killing an innocent man. Our marijuana laws are a disgrace. And more!