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Conservatives Can Be Mooches Too!

“…You’d think that of all people conservatives would remember how businesses operate, but they often “forget” that talk radio survives because sponsors support it. Many of them assume that because you agree with them you’ll push their agenda for free. I recently had a PR woman send me an email about a right wing climate […]

Whose (political) side is God really on?

People of faith like to believe that decisions they make are God-inspired. Their interpretation of the scriptures leads them to the conclusion that God would be fine with whatever it is THEY want to do.  Politicians are no different. Maxine Waters, the Congresswoman from California, recently stated that “God is on our side” when she […]

Never Be Afraid To Take On The Bad Guys

“Many years ago I was walking in Sunset Park, a popular park in Las Vegas. There was an area in the back where there were lots of trees and trails and I was walking my dog off leash. Suddenly I saw a young guy wearing parachute pants (think MC Hammer) like they wore in the […]

Tips on being a Cable TV “Talking Head”…

Excerpt from my book, “Don’t Pat Me on the Head” ….When I started doing cable I was way too serious. My mom would say, “Use your HUMOR!”, and she was right of course. It wasn’t that I took myself seriously, but I wasn’t confident enough to joke around. You cannot take yourself too seriously when […]

“Don’t You Know Who I AM????”

(This is an excerpt from my book, “Don’t Pat Me On The Head”) …I never walk into a room and assume that anyone recognizes me unless it’s a radio event or I’m the guest speaker. It was a weird adjustment for me to realize that other people see me differently than I see myself. Not too long […]