Headlines with Heidi! New documentary out about police tactics: “Wrist LocK”

“Wrist Lock” is a new documentary film,just completed, that discusses the importance of ongoing police training and fitness, and how those things can make fatal encounters with suspects less likely.


Jason Harney, Director and Producer of “Wrist Lock” is a retired Las Vegas Police Sergeant & Gulf War Veteran turned Documentary Filmmaker, producing under his Lightning Digital Entertainment banner.

Jon Gentile, featured in the film, has lived in Las Vegas for over 30 yrs. Worked in LVMP for over 26 years, as a police officer, detective in various areas, and Sergeant various areas of the department. Was a department defensive tactics instructor for 24 years and is an instructor in several systems including Jeet June do, Kali, and Kun tao, and Indonesian Silat.

Also featured in the film, Marcus Martin: USMC veteran, 24 LVMPD veteran, Narcotics detective, defensive tactics trainer, excited delirium trainer, PIO, Critical Incident Review Team, Judo instructor/competitor, radio announcer, and darn good musician!


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