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Heidi Harris Show Podcast #253: Kroger’s predictable response to government wage laws

In California, the state that least understands “cause and effect”, City of Long Beach recently enacted a mandatory pay increase of $4 er hour per son, for grocery store workers. Of course this would be paid for by the companies. Kroger, the company that owns Ralphs, quickly closed two stores in response. Long Beach was […]

Heidi Harris Show podcast #250: Gina Carano is RIGHT about governments turning us on EACH OTHER

Actress and MMA star Gina Carano has been “cancelled” by her agency and Lucasfilm for her comments on Instagram about how governments turn on people each other. She’s absolutely right. Government can’t be everywhere so they turn us on each other historically. It worked pretty well in Rwanda, Nazi Germany, China….now it’s happening HERE.