Smallpox vaxx versus Covid – similarities and differences

The next time someone tries to equate smallpox or other vaccines to this unproven MRNA vaccine, share this info with them.

From WHO:

“The history of smallpox holds a unique place in medicine. It was one of the deadliest diseases known to humans, and to date (2016) the only human disease to have been eradicated by vaccination. The smallpox vaccine, introduced by Edward Jenner in 1796, was the first successful vaccine to be developed. He observed that milkmaids who previously had caught cowpox did not catch smallpox and showed that inoculated vaccinia protected against inoculated variola virus.

The global eradication effort initially used a strategy of mass vaccination campaigns to achieve 80% vaccine coverage in each country, and thereafter by case-finding, followed by ring vaccination of all known and possible contacts to seal off the outbreak from the rest of the population.”

Between the people who’ve been vaxxed and those who’ve recovered from Covid, we’re clearly at 80% or higher. Yet they still aren’t satisfied.

“…In 1961 the bifurcated needle was developed as a more efficient and cost effective alternative, and was the primary instrument used during the eradication campaign from 1966 to 1977. The bifurcated needle vaccination required only one-fourth the amount of vaccine needed with previous methods and was simpler to perform.”

Will that be the case with these so-called “boosters”? Have you heard anything about needing LESS vaccine in those? How many will you need? One every six months? How much money to do they all need? Is there ever a limit to greed?

From wikipedia: “Cowpox is similar to, but much milder than, the highly contagious and often deadly smallpox disease. Its close resemblance to the mild form of smallpox and the observation that dairy farmers were immune to smallpox inspired the modern smallpox vaccine, created and administered by English physician Edward Jenner.”

So they were immune to the more deadly form of Smallpox after having survived Cowpox? Makes sense to me, and it makes medical sense. Think about it – If your body didn’t create a natural resistance to something once you’d had it and recovered, humanity wouldn’t have survived. You’d get the flu every year, and every cold that is going around. Since Adam and Eve’s kids had runny noses this has been the case.

I’m not giving anyone medical advice. I’m not qualified. But this makes SENSE. Many people who ARE qualified are saying this, but they are mostly being censored.

We, the unvaxxed, are being unfairly blamed.

According to Dr. Marty Makary, we pose very little risk to others.

Doctors are now suing because the institutions that employ them are not acknowledging the immunity they have earned.

Even if I weren’t Covid-recovered, I would probably not trust this vaccine, but the fact that I had it and fought through it, earning my immunity the old-fashioned way, and they STILL want me to get the jab? That’s an easy NO.

Heidi Harris

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