Headlines with Heidi! 1/7/22

#HarryReid memorial circus in town, and more! #SCOTUS to hear arguments about Biden CMS vax mandate. Soros and weak DA’s, Beverly Hills gun stores flooded. Melania’s former assistant trying to gather a posse to keep Trump from running again, spending your life focused on destroying others, and MORE! 

Headlines with Heidi! 1/6/22

#Jan 6 anniversary comments, Harry Reid Memorial (the whole Dem circus will be in town), and MORE!

Headlines with Heidi! 1/5/22

#Sisolak says “please” wear your mask, used cars are out of reach for most people, NV GOP in is a state of disarray, Biden coming to town for Harry Reid’s funeral, U-Hauls are in short supply in California!, and more!



Headlines with Heidi! 1/4/22

#CDC changes vaxx “science” again, thoughts on why more and more people are leaving their jobs, and MORE!


Headlines with Heidi! 1-3-22

Deadly robberies of tourists in Vegas? Sisolak “Donates” his Governor’s salary back. New Orleans wants 5 year olds so show vaxx cards before going to restaurants???? Grandparents coercing grandkids into getting the jab because THEY are afraid, damn the consequences, and MORE!

Headlines with Heidi! 12/31/21

Happy New Years’ Eve from Superspreader Las Vegas!


Headlines with Heidi! 12/30/21

This was so outrageous that YouTube removed it!!! My comments about the irony of #Sisolak holding the biggest #Superspreader event in the U.S. tonight!


Headlines with Heidi! 12/29/21

#MSM covering for #HarryReid, the duplicitous creep. Woman spends four hours in an airplane bathroom after she got a positive #Covid test! Another crime committed by someone who should NOT HAVE BEEN BAILED OUT, and MORE! 


Headlines with Heidi! 12/29/21

#CDC “explains” the new isolation guide lines, #JohnMadden dies, #HarryReid dies, #MSM STILL won’t talk about obesity as a factor in #Covid death, (admonitions used to be considered WISDOM, not shaming), and why are companies wasting everyone’s time with job applications for job openings that don’t really exits? HeidiHarris.com

Headlines with Heidi! 12/28/21

#CDC has changed “Covid science” again.

“Sudden deaths” in vaxxed people that reporters don’t want to look into?

Save your discontinued LEGO sets!

Why are investors snapping up apartment complexes in Vegas for big bucks?

Trusting government officials instead of God? And MORE