Headlines with Heidi! “How to transform a society when no one is watching”. 6/8/22

A fantastic column came to my attention: “TRUST AND BETRAYAL – HOW TO DESTROY, TAKE OVER AND TRANSFORM SOCIETY WHEN NO ONE IS WATCHING”, by the fantastic writer who goes by “Illusions Destroyed” on Substack. I shared parts of it on this broadcast. Excellent analysis on why people were so willing to trust the wrong people during the pandemic. 
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Headlines with Heidi! 6/6/22 Healthy Navy guy falls “suddenly unconscious” while driving??

Healthy Navy guy falls “suddenly unconscious” while driving?? The story behind the headline that only mentioned his possible prison sentence for killing two people while “unable to operate his car”. Also, voting is IMPORTANT, and even if your chosen candidate doesn’t prevail in the primary, it imperative that we all join forces and get rid of Sisolak once and for all.

Headlines with Heidi! 6/1/22 A border chaos update with Susan Tully from FAIR

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Susan Tully of FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) joined me with an update on the border situation and an invitation to a FREE “Grassroots Academy” being held in Vegas June 18 at Treasure Island.

If you’d like to attend this great event, please email Susan at. tullys@fairus.org

#HeadlinesWithHeidi! What do voters want? Even THEY don’t know! 5/30/22

I attended a political candidate’s event the other day, where the candidate patiently took questions from an informed and engaged audience. The problem was, they wanted cheaper rent, but also wanted to limit building and growth. They wanted cheaper taxes but also wanted to pay teachers more….how does all that pencil out? It doesn’t. Competing interests are always at the core of gridlock.

And speaking of cheaper rent, WHERE are all those illegals flooding our borders living? Since there’s an “affordable housing” shortage, aren’t THEY taking up lots of space that should go to Americans??? Hey MSM – cat got your tongue???


Headlines with Heidi! Local (Vegas) teacher punished for protecting students! She and her attorney joined me.

Local teacher Shushan Sadjadi was told by some students at Garside Middle School that they were being subjected to strip searches, sometimes in front of other students and even people of the opposite sex in some cases. As a mandatory reporter whenever there’s abuse, she reported it, and the school sought ways to punish here. She and her attorney Brian Berman joined me with details.

#CCSD #StudentsRights


Headlines with Heidi! 5/25/22 Texas school massacre, and the breakdown of families

Another disaffected loser takes his frustrations out on innocent people, and now the lefties are calling for more gun laws. No one talks about the family breakdown we see everywhere, mental illness, or anything else that would be actually take WORK to solve. Once again, we go for the easy answers. Just grab the guns and ignore what else is happening.

Headlines with Heidi! Guest: Author and apologist Dr. Frank Turek! 5/22/22

Dr. Frank Turek, author of several books including “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist” and “Stealing from God” among others, joined me to discuss his latest book that he wrote with his son, “Hollywood Heroes; How your Favorite Movies Reveal God”. We had a great discussion about how many secular movies reveal Truth, intentionally or unintentionally. We also talked about our nation’s changing culture and MORE!

Website: CrossExamined.org
Podcast: I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist

Twitter: @Heidiology

Headlines with Heidi! Guest: Gubernatorial candidate and NLV Mayor John Lee

North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee joined me for a chat about why he wants to be the next Governor of Nevada and what our current Governor has done wrong, where he believes Nevada should be headed in the next ten years, and where it MIGHT be headed if Sisolak remains in office, and MORE!



Headlines with Heidi! 5/19/22 Vegas “Black Widow” Margaret Rudin’s conviction vacated??

In 1994, well-known Vegas realtor Ron Rudin disappeared. Friends and police suspected his wife, who went on the run once she realized she was going to be indicted. She was Ron’s 5th wife – he was her 5th husband. (I’m sensing a pattern here).

Her trial was a huge Vegas story at the time, and her lawyer and the judge, both colorful Vegas characters themselves, sparred many times in court. She was convicted and given 20-to-life. After serving served 20 years she was released in 2020. Now her conviction has been vacated by a judge for “ineffective counsel” (which was true; he was a train wreck).

Detective Phil Ramos was one of the main investigators on the case. He joined me to talk about it.

Forensic Files episode on this case: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61znxKSs6Jk

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Headlines with Heidi! 3/18/22 “Girl kidnapped from NBA game by sex traffickers!”

Headlines with Heidi!

Biden’s “Disinformation Governance Board” is being shut down, or at least stalled….

A cautionary tale about a 15 year-old girl who was kidnapped at an NBA game (she was attending with her FATHER) when she went to the bathroom! Trafficked until she was found 11 days later in another state. A miracle rescue!

Also, a Lesbian teacher sues a Catholic school for firing her for breach of their conduct rules, and the Appeals Court will rule soon.


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