Bill Gates telling the CIA about using a vaccine to cure “religious fanaticism”.

Nothing to see here. Just Bill Gates talking about the part of the brain linked to “religious fanaticism”, and how it could be altered with a vaccine. Preferably a “respiratory or flu vaccine”. Would this just apply to the guys in pajamas, and stop them from blowing everything and everyone up in the name of Allah, or does this apply to anyone of faith? I have some questions…

No, Karen, you can’t assault a teenager who’s not wearing a mask…

Here’s what I don’t understand: If you want to wear a mask, do it, (most places require it anyway), but clearly you cannot HIT a complete stranger for not wearing one. If you’re that concerned you’re going to DIE if you get near someone not wearing a mask, stay HOME, or stay AWAY from them in the store! I thought that 6 feet thing was supposed to protect everyone?

Man arrested for DETR fraud – Let those who haven’t gotten theirs handle it..

This guy. While so many people are STILL waiting for their unemployment benefits, he’s taking advantage. We should allow the Nevadans who’ve gone without ANY assistance to decide on his punishment.

Is anyone surprised that Chinese censorship prevented the truth from coming out?

Who’s surprised that Chinese censorship affected the information we needed here in the States? That’s why it’s more properly called the China Flu, whether or not people like it.

Vegas recovery could take 18-36 months!!!??

Some analysts are saying so. Can people stay in Vegas and wait it out? Change careers? Just pull up stakes and leave? And go WHERE?