Headlines with Heidi! 12/27/21

GOP Congressman getting divorced after ONE year? Why are young people so quick to give up on marriage? Pfizer booster loses strength after 10 weeks? Man had a severed HEAD in a cooler when cops pulled him over. What? And MORE!

Headlines with Heidi! 12/24/21

Christmas Eve thoughts and your questions answered! 

Headlines with Heidi! 12/23/21

#Masks at ski resorts? #SCOTUS will hear vaxx case, #TedCruz 2024? What about Trump? Will Melania be okay with that? If not, will it hurt Trump’s marriage? Will he care? #Route91 Massacre Memorial thoughts, and MORE! 

Headlines with Heidi! 12/22/21

#CES has more big companies drop out due to Covid. A Swedish company has a chip they can implant in your arm for “multiple uses”. (Uh huh. I’ll bet) NV Leg panel rules out permanent vacc requirements for college kids in Nevada, and MORE! 

Headlines with Heidi! 12/21/21

#BetteMidler trashes W VA residents, a #bodypositivity group says doctors should no longer weigh you? What used to be “medical advice” is now #FatShaming, I guess. Only ONE person has died of #Omicron in the US and HE had other issues! Let’s all panic! #NYEVegas fireworks to go on as usual, and MORE!  

Headlines with Heidi! 12/20/21

Singer #BillieEilish discusses the damage of violent porn, #NickSandmann settles with NBC, repeat offenders committing crimes, and MORE! HeidiHarris.com 

Headlines with Heidi! 12/17/21

Will the #Superbowl benefit #Vegas, as much as the #NFL says it will? Sports economist Dr. Victor Matheson joined me with some insight. 

Headlines with Heidi! 12/16/21

#Superbowl coming to Vegas, (what will THAT cost us?), #Sisolak not wearing a mask for photos, Harry Reid Airport???, rents rising faster in Vegas than anywhere, and MORE! 

Headlines with Heidi! 12/15/21

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Today’s topics. #SCOTUS rejected a religious exemption case. HUGE implications for our country. Justice Gorsuch writes a blistering dissent. Two dose vaccines don’t protect from Omicron?? LOL #MicheleTafoya punished for telling the TRUTH about #ColinKaepernick on the view, and former Raiders player had major CTE before killing 6 people, autopsy finds. And more! 

Headlines with Heidi! 12/14/21

#NFR was in Vegas, thoughts on #DerekCarr and the #Raiders thoughts (why don’t things always work out for Believers?) and MORE! #Vegas #HeadlineswithHeidi