Headlines with Heidi! 10/22/21

Today I discuss Alec Baldwin killing a movie crew member (who gave that lib access to a GUN)? Also, why do some people think guns are the only things conservatives believe in? Some on the right are easily fooled by sheep in GOP clothing. And Q-Anon supporters (according to MSM) are supposedly having a convention in Vegas. What do they believe and is there any truth to it? That and much more! 

Headlines with Heidi! 10-21-21 edition!

Today I discuss Brian Laundrie, how tired I was of hearing about him, his deceased girlfriend, and the whole story. “Missing white girl syndrome” IS a thing. Should his enabling parents pay all the costs of the “search” for him, after they allowed him to flee?  Yep. And I discuss the larger issue of the societal costs of enabling parents. 

Southwest Airlines backs down on vax mandate!

This is huge! SWAL backing down on the vax mandate? I honestly don’t know if all the cancellations over the last few weeks were the result of people using up their sick time in anticipation of being fired (cant blame them), or the fact that, according to a pilot friend of mine “SWAL used to be run by pilots – now they’re run by accountants”, or higher gas prices making it impossible to stay solvent if all flights aren’t completely packed…I’ve heard various theories from various people. Bottom line is, they were panicked about the holiday flying season and the repercussions and bad PR of thousands of travelers stranded as a result of mass firings. They might decided to reinstitute them after the holidays – who knows? But if you are nervous about getting the jab, stay strong, WAIT until the very last minute. WAIT until they fire you. Your company might just back down.

What’s the “state” of California, and is there hope? My guest, Red State writer Jennifer Oliver O’Connell says YES!

Is there hope for California after the failed recall of Gavin Newsom? Do they get what they deserve? My guest, Jennifer Oliver O’Connell, says YES THERE IS HOPE! She’s an author, writer for RedState and California activist.

Fauci the expert can’t say why the Covid-recovered need the jab

The Amazing Dr. Fauci can’t answer a SIMPLE question. This is the reason people like me, who have recovered from Covid, won’t get the jab: IT MAKES NO SENSE. The vacc obviously doesn’t work, so now we’re on to “boosters”. How many? How often? Until when?

Show me how many people who’ve had Covid and are now dying from it, and maybe I’ll change my mind.

What is going on in California!! Guest: Tom Del Beccaro, Chairman RescueCalifornia.org

High taxes, bad roads, masks, ZERO forest management. How much longer will people put up with this? Tom Del Beccaro, Chairman of RescueCalifornia.org, joined me to discuss. https://rumble.com/embed/vjatz6/?pub=4

There is a lot of good news about Covid – here are some FACTS

Dr. Thomas Siler has clearly outlined the good news about Covid, and what we continue to do wrong when it comes to treatment, in this excellent article for American Thinker. I’m glad to see that we still have some THINKERS left.

South Africa’s first female cardiologist on “gene therapy disguised as a vaccine”.

Too many people don’t want to speak out. This doctor says the virus was brought in for the vaccine, not the reverse. Worth watching.