Headlines with Heidi! Alex Jones verdict – is he the canary in the woke coal mine? And more!

Are we all next, if Alex jones can be put on trial for upsetting people??? I don’t agree with what he said about Sandy Hook, although in many cases, he’s been right about other things. Whether I agree or not should not e the standard.  People are lied to every day, and lied about. Toughen up! Remember we are told lies every day by those around us, including main stream media, Big Pharma, etc, It’s up to US to show discernment and be able to see lies for what they are. Also, will Big Pharma be sued by insurance companies because they withheld data? We know they did, and the insurance companies are losing a fortune in “non-covid” related deaths. One hedge fund manager thinks that might be the case. And more!

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Headlines with Heidi! We need to find better GOP candidate and SUPPORT them! (video)

If we want to win in November, and try to get this country back on track (politically), we need to cultivate better candidates and give them the support they need to win. I’m tired of seeing the same people running again and again, for higher and higher offices because it’s “their turn”. This is what hurts the conservative cause. People shouldn’t get support because they owe someone a favor, etc. This kind of behavior is what discourages good people from running.


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Headlines with Heidi! (NV Gov) Sisolak thinks everything’s GREAT!

Yep, he said it. Governor Sisolak thinks Nevada’s doing just fine, and we’ll be A-Okay if people stop spending on discretionary items like travel to Vegas. He’ll have NO idea what to do if things turn south, as many are predicting. He doesn’t live where you and I live – in the REAL world. He needs to GO!



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Headlines with Heidi! Vegas Police association calls on local judge to resign after disparaging police!

Steve Grammas, President of the Las Vegas Police Protective Association, joined me to discuss the case of Judger Erica Ballou, who told a suspect in court that even SHE was worried about surviving an encounter with police. Watch the video HERE

“You know I don’t want to be nowhere where cops are….because I don’t know whether I’m going to walk away alive to not.”

She doesn’t belong on the bench. And she should learn some correct grammar.



Headlines with Heidi! Guest, Dr. Kelly Victory, MD with #FactsNotDear on Covid, shots, etc.

Dr. Kelly Victory has been a Board Certified MD for over three decades. She has joined me many times during the “pandemic” to provide common sense, evidence-based #FactsNotFear on Covid spread, masks, lockdowns, early Covid treatment, etc. In this chat we discussed the so-called #SADS, vaccine injuries, were clots and other news of the day related to the shots.

Here’s her bio from the EarlyCovidCare.org site.

“Dr. Kelly Victory is a residency-trained trauma and emergency specialist with over 30 years of clinical experience. She is an expert in disaster preparedness and response and medical management of mass casualties. Dr. Victory is an alumnus of the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative by the Harvard School of Public Health and the Kennedy School of Government to develop “meta-leaders” for national disaster preparedness and response, and served as a member of the Leadership Council at Harvard School of Public Health for many years.

Dr. Victory has worked with a range of public and private organizations including companies, hospitals, schools, churches and municipalities on public health issues including disaster and pandemic preparedness and response.
Dr. Victory teaches “Active Shooter Rapid Response and Extraction” and “Leadership in Times of Crisis” for first responders, community leaders and organizations, aimed at limiting casualties, improving outcomes, enhancing resiliency and coordinating emergency response efforts. Dr. Victory has been a consistent and vocal proponent of aggressive early outpatient treatment for COVID-19, as well as a cautious and informed, risk-based approach to COVID vaccination. She makes frequent radio and television appearances to discuss issues of public health, disasters, and preparedness and response efforts, and has been the daily voice of “The Doctor Hour” on KABC in Los Angeles throughout the pandemic. Dr. Victory holds a BS from Duke University, earned her MD from the University of North Carolina and completed her residency in Emergency Medicine and Trauma at Carolinas Medical Center.”

EarlyCovidCare.org is her site if you’re looking for Covid treatment, information you won’t find in MSM, studies, FACTS, etc.

Gettr: @KellyVictoryMD @HeidiHarris

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Headlines with Heidi! Nevada political polls and Trump #NotHelping Lombardo

Nevada Gov’s race polls, Trump’s stupid comment about Nevada being a “cesspool” of crime…more bad ideas to address the “affordable housing” issue, Ivana Trump found at the bottom of a staircase, DEAD, and MORE!

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Headlines with Heidi! Legendary Vegas trumpeter John Hughes Bennet!

John Hughes Bennet was a world class trumpet player for decades in Vegas, and continues to play great, well into his 80’s. He was my father’s best friend and they were on the bandstand together for many years, playing some of the greatest acts Vegas ever saw. He’s got great stories of what Vegas was like in its heyday!

If you’re a musician, or like old Vegas stories, you want to watch this! Get his book on Amazon!

Book: Horns Up, Boys, it’s Showtime! https://www.amazon.com/Horns-Up-Boys-Its-Showtime/dp/0578748789


(Bear with me, as I was still trying to get the lighting and camera right when I recorded this interview! Remember, I’m a RADIO girl!)

Headlines with Heidi! What’s happening with property taxes in Nevada?

What’s the deal with the property taxes in Nevada that are different for rentals versus owner-occupied dwellings? Danielle Gallant, local property manager and candidate for Nevada Assembly District 23, joined me to discuss.




Headlines with Heidi! Guest, airline pilot Josh Yoder on the REAL reasons behind the fight cancellations

Josh Yoder, one of the founders of US Freedom Flyers,joined me with an update on all the “flight cancellations” suddenly happening and the reasons behind them. He has been on the forefront of trying to protect pilots and crew members from vaccine mandates, and has seen very concerning side effects among his colleagues. He is concerned about the larger impact on society, aviation safety, and ultimately the effects on children, if vaccine mandates start applying to them. https://rumble.com/v1bnjf7-josh-yoder-us-freedom-flyers-on-all-the-flight-cancellations.html

You can help his all-volunteer organization to sue the FAA and others who are complicit in this scheme by donating, and/or spreading the word: USFreedomFLyers.org. @Heidiology

Headlines with Heidi! My Top Five reasons for NOT getting the Covid shot

Top five reasons I haven’t had the shot:

1. It was rushed to market. Effective vaccines take many years to bring to market, requiring extensive testing. I’ve benefitted from many of them. In the case of this shot, WE are the lab rats. We’re only just now beginning to see the horrible effects and the tragic stories and mysterious deaths in the news every day, if you’d care to look.

2. I HAD Covid. Until 2020, developing immunity once you’ve recovered from something was accepted by medical experts the world over. If that weren’t the case, human beings would have died out long ago. I last had the flu15 years ago. I had Covid two years ago. Haven’t had either one since.

3. Everyone, everywhere was pushing this shot and there was no exception for people who were Covid-recovered, pregnant, immune compromised, or anything else. Really? One size fits all? Lots of people can’t take ASPIRIN. My dad was allergic to penicillin!

4. Doctors and hospitals weren’t allowed to provide any treatment that violated the protocol set by the CDC. No early intervention with effective drugs that cost pennies and have been around for 60 years? Just send you home “and don’t come back until you can’t breathe”??? Since when do ALL doctors agree on ANY course of treatment for ANYONE?? Since when can’t doctors decide for their own patients what’s best? Since 2020.

5. Anyone who spoke out or asked questions was shamed, virtue signaled, cancelled, silenced, fired, threatened, censored, etc. If you’re certain what you’re doing is right, questions don’t scare you. What were they hiding? When my blind obedience is demanded, my nose starts twitching.

I have dozens more, of course. You’ll notice I have not mentioned who the President is or was, China, Bill Gates, WHO, population control, Qanon, microchips, or anything else. I don’t need to.

Here’s the video on this, that was removed from YouTube and Vimeo.


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