Heidi Harris Show Podcast #221: Guest, Robert Spencer “Rating the Presidents”

Robert Spencer, of jihadwatch.org, has been a man I’ve followed and admired for years. His latest book, Rating the Presidents; An America-First look at who is best, who is overrated, and Who was an Absolute Disaster” takes an objective look at all of our Presidents, and how their policies line up with what presidents are supposed to be doing for America. Really good stuff.

Robert’s jihad watch site:

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #220: Pastor afraid of “cancel culture”? Really?

A pastor in a very large Southern church has decide to close church for several months because, among other reason, he doesn’t like the “cancel culture”. What nonsense. Perhaps while he’s on sabbatical, he should read the Book of Acts. The early church had it much worse. Buck up, pal! Or choose another profession, where there’s no blowback. (If you find one, let me know…)

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #219: Pro Publica says Vegas is “Gambling with lives”. Is that true?

A recent column from Marshall Allen in Pro Publica says” Cellphone data shows how Las Vegas is ‘Gambling with lives’ across the country”. Experts analyzed cell phone data to see where people went who had been in Vegas, and they had traveled to 49 states in four days. These so-called “experts” used phrases like casinos are a “likely hotbed” or that Vegas “could be fueling” the pandemic. Others said it’s “almost certain” that casinos are a feeding ground for Covid-19. So is WalMart!!!!

How irresponsible can you be? Hundreds of thousands of people in Vegas are unemployed because someone who isn’t even going out might die. Enough already with the lies, innuendo, and mischaracterization of “facts”. You have no proof that people are more at risk in casinos than other public places, so stop lying for a headline! Lives are at stake here. The lives of business owners and people who need to leave their houses in order to keep them. This article included zero facts, but the headline is likely to scare some people into postponing a trip to Vegas, when so many people need to feed their families. Truly despicable.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #218: Senate report on “The demise of the happy two parent home”

Some of the U.S. Senate recently commissioned a report on “The demise of the happy two parent home”, and the findings weren’t surprising. The foundation of a strong society is strong families. Illegitimacy is the number one cause of poverty in America. A child without a father is more likely to be incarcerated, act up in school, and be depressed. These facts should surprise no one, yet we continue to hear from the left that a “family” is anything you want to make it, and can change at will with no repercussions for the children or society. How wrong they are…

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #217: Vegas hit man Frank Cullotta

Frank Cullotta made his name as a hitman for the infamous Tony Spilotro in Las Vegas. He was a fascinating character, to be sure. Some of Frank’s murders were portrayed in the movie “Casino”. I had the chance to interview him several times over the years, and I’ve put a couple of interviews together here in this podcast. I also had a chance to ask him about a TV ad Harry Reid was running a few years ago, claiming he’d been “targeted by the mob”. Was that true? What do you think?

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #216: Admiral Mc Raven on the national security threat that keeps him up nights.

Admiral William McRaven, an amazing military leader, a retired Admiral and former US Navy SEAL. He served as the ninth commander of the US Special Operations Command. He was also Chancellor of the University of Texas System.

Recently he came to the attention among people who’d never heard of him when the Commencement speech he gave at the University of Texas at Austin, entitled “Make your bed”,went viral. Here’s a link to that speech.

He was asked recently which national security threat keeps him up nights, and he explained that it’s K-12 education. He makes great points.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #215: Discernment isn’t discrimination when choosing tenants

The Democrat controlled Clark County Commission (which is where Las Vegas is) recently voted to prevent “discrimination” by landlords when choosing tenants. Property owners should have a right to “discern” whether or not a tenant will be able to pay long term if an unemployed person rents and their benefits run out. That’s not the same as refusing to rent to someone of a certain race. That is the definition of “discrimination”.

Passage of this bill will ultimately reduce the number of rentals available, as landlords will choose to sell their properties in a seller’s market, rather than have tenants living there for free.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #214: What I saw at the Evangelicals for Trump event

I attended the Evangelicals for Trump event in Las Vegas recently, which the City of Las Vegas tried to shut down at the last minute. Luckily the owners of the venue showed some spine, and refused to close it down. There was controversy, of course. Too bad so sad, Governor/City of Las Vegas. We have to stand up to bullies.


Heidi Harris Show Podcast #213: Will employers FORCE you to get the rushed-to-market Covid vaccine?

Most people I know are leery about getting a vaccine that is rushed-to-market. Only 30% of Brits are willing to get it. Some are saying it’s your patriotic duty to get the shot, and an IMMUNIZATION CARD may even be required.

Now there’s talk about people being FORCED to get it in order to return to work. First responders? Doctors, nurses, other health care professionals? Probably. But what about TEACHERS or hospitality employees? Folks who work with the public in stores? Some are saying that religious objections won’t be allowed. Scary stuff…

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #212: Socialite Nicole Hutchison, jailed for a DUI death, on redeeming your life and creating a ministry for women

Nicole Hutchison, a well-paid executive and Texas socialite, was sentenced to ten years for a DUI accident she was involved in. Through her incarceration, she became aware of a need to reach women who want to turn their lives around. She has a great story of redemption, and founded the Rusty Diamond Network. You can curl into a ball, or you can redeem what’s left of your life. RustyDiamond.org