Heidi Harris Show Podcast #158: Press ignores trans aspect of suicide attempt

A young man’s post about the cost of attempted suicide went viral, but most press outlets ignore the fact that he’s a transgender. Their rates of suicide and suicide attempts are through the roof. While not knowing whether that was the cause of his attempt, we still need to consider it as a factor, and not conveniently “ignore” it because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #157: Mayor Pete and intolerance

“Mayor Pete” as he calls himself, wants to be our next President, but so far his qualifications are “I’m gay and I hate Mike Pence”. An attack on Mike Pence, who never says ANYTHING bad about anyone, is an attack on ALL Christians. Pete clearly has a problem with someone else’s BELIEFS, and that is scary.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #156: Interview with Steve Strang, author of “Trump Aftershock”

Steve Strang, CEO of Charisma Media, joined me for a chat about his latest book, “Trump Aftershock”. He’s also the author of “God and Donald Trump”. As the founder of Charisma Magazine, I wanted to get his perspective on why many Evangelicals still back Trump, why some don’t, and what impact a flawed person can have on our nation.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #155: Bias Response Teams at colleges?

Seriously, there are now BRT’s (Bias Response Teams) on college campuses, ratting our professors or students who say anything someone else might find offensive. IF these kids ever leave campus, they’ll quickly realize those don’t exist in real life.

Heidi Harris Show podcast #154: Don’t waste money on college?

Bridget Phetasy wrote a great column for America Spectator, decrying the complete waste of money a college degree is for most people. She made some great points. I also wonder how many people, frantically trying to pay off school loans, have to dump their kids in daycare while they work unfulfilling jobs, often unrelated to their degree, to keep up with the payments. Keeping people enslaved to debt is a great way to keep them from realizing what the politicians are really up to.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #153: It takes more than DNA to prove sexual assault

Yes, I believe the number of men who get away with sexual assault far exceeds the number of false accusations, however….

We actually have legislators in Nevada who think that DNA proves a sexual assault occurred, or so they would have us believe if AB 142 passes. The bill would extend the Statute of Limitations indefinitely in rape cases if DNA is on file.

This only serves to benefit lawyers like Gloria Allred, who hit men up for “settlements”, by threatening to press charges, years after such “alleged” attacks have occurred. If you have a legitimate case, go to authorities IMMEDIATELY. That’s the only way to give yourself a fighting chance to get justice.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #152: CEO’s no longer requiring college degrees?

Obviously a college degree says something about you. It say that you’ve put in the time and effort and been diligent enough to pass years of courses. However, these days the courses taught at many colleges are useless, and teach nothing about real life careers. Degrees tell employers nothing about your ability to get along with others, your aptitude for a specific occupation,  or even if you’re likely to show up on time.

I can’t tell you how many typos I see daily on MAJOR news web sites, no doubt edited by Journalism grads.

Recently 25 CEO’s, many of whom work for companies created by college dropouts, explained to President Trump that college degrees are not something they necessarily look for anymore in the people they hire. Choosing whether to put the time in to get that degree is a personal decision, but it should be based on whether or not you or your parents see it as a worthwhile investment of your time and their money.

The recent college entrance cheating scandal doesn’t exactly help add esteem to that piece of paper on your wall. Were you even qualified to begin with…?

You might find that while you’re busy partying on campus every weekend, ostensibly working towards that degree in something worthless, the other guys are achieving success without one. You just might find yourself years behind them when you finally enter the the real world.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #150: The Screw Nevada Teachers Bill – AB 168

Teachers, why do you continue to vote Democrats in, when they do everything they can to make your lives miserable? AB 168 would focus on “restorative justice”, a concept which has been very detrimental to teachers and society when it has been implemented in other states. No one has a “right” to an education at the expense of teachers or other students.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #151: The real casualties of the College cheating scandal

As parents try in vain to see their children “succeed”, by any means necessary, even through dishonest means, who really gets hurt? The children, who are led to believe they aren’t “enough” the way God created them. That’s the biggest scandal of all.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #149: Guest – Bestselling Author Joel Rosenberg on his new book and North Korea, Russia, and Trump

My guest Joel Rosenberg is a bestselling author of 5 million books, 5 non-fiction and 14 fiction. His latest book is “The Persian Gamble”. I am currently reading it, and although I don’t read many novels, I am throughly enjoying it. Joel joined me to discuss the book, Trump’s comments on Otto Warmbier, and the real reason North Korea really wants nuclear weapons. We also discussed Trump’s weird relationship with Russia.