Heidi Harris Show Podcast #202: Rachel Gilson, “Born (again) this way”

I came across a very important book by a woman who has been involved with women in her younger years, became a Christian, and eventually married a man. The book is called “Born (again) This Way”, by Rachel Gilson.

Her story is not quite as neat as that description sounds. Same sex attraction is treated by some churches as the worst possible sin. Is it? What about gossip? Most churches ignore that one, and frankly gossip destroys more relationships than anything else I have seen. The concepts Rachel talks about in her book go far beyond gay or straight. We are all MORE than our temptations, sexual or otherwise, or at least we should be…

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #201: Dr. Dale Carrison on Covid-19 and opening Nevada

Dr. Dale Carrison was my guest for this podcast. He was the Chief of Emergency Medicine at UMC, Nevada’s busiest hospital, for decades. Now he’s still giving back, semi-retired but still on the front lines and training paramedics in Northern Nevada. He joined me for a chat about the Coronavirus, Covid-19, latest findings, effect on Nevada’s economy, and Mayor Carolyn Goodman’s comments about opening up Nevada.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #200: Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman on the #VegasShutdown

Mayor Carolyn Goodman is being trashed in the press for an interview she did with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who in my opinion was condescending, to say the least. He’s just another guy who’s not missing a check, while telling us to stay home.

The Mayor has been a fierce defender of Vegas and free enterprise, while the “pearl clutchers” tell us to stay home, go broke, and “be patient”. She joined me moments after her CNN interview.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #199: Dr. Meg Meeker, Raising Strong Daughters in a Toxic Culture

I’ve been a fan of Dr. Meg Meeker for over 20 years, since I read her book “Epidemic: How Teen Sex is Killing our Kids”. She’s a pediatrician, a wife and mother, a speaker, and author of many fantastic books, the latest being “Raising a Strong Daughter in a Toxic Culture”. She is on the front lines of the culture war daily. She joined me for my podcast.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #198: The great Vegas “reset”

In light of the #VegasShutdown that has so many people feeling like prisoners in their own homes, we are in need of a reset. We need to rethink everything; how we do business, what (should) matter to us, and WHO (should) matter to us. I think we can do it.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #197: What happens when NV PERS retirement system loses money during #VegasShutdown

Along with everyone else who’s losing money in this #VegaShutdown, PERS, the Public Employees’ Retirement System will also lose money. Will they ask for tax increases to make up the deficit? And if so, will people who AREN’T government employees revolt? Victor Joecks, whose columns for the Las Vegas Review Journal often focus on Nevada fiscal policy and education, joined me to discuss.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #196: How should people of faith handle the Vegas Shutdown?

Sure, it’s understandable for people who don’t have faith to panic, but why are Christians terrified about the events surrounding the Coronavirus Outbreak? ?

Proverbs 24:10 says “If you faint in the day of adversity, how small is your strength?”

Yes, things seem to be spinning out of control, just in the last two weeks, but God is still on the throne. I was honored to be joined by Pastor Darrel Porter, one of the most courageous and outspoken pastors I know. You can find him at oneaglewings.com.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #195: Vegas has shut down

If you had told me last week that every Vegas casino would have closed, leaving 200,000 casino employees out of work in a week, not to mention the hundred thousand or so other people who work in “non-essential” businesses, I would have called you a liar. This is incredible. A day I never imagined would come. We are in for a rough road, but God is still on the throne. Perhaps He is trying to get our attention. We will get through this as a city, but it will be awhile before we’re whole again.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #194: 1 in 3 can’t make it to payday. We used to call that “budgeting”.

CNBC has a story last week about how 1 in 3 people can’t make it to payday, even those earning over $100,ooo. They talked about how some people can’t get everything they want at the grocery store. Really??? Most people I know have to make decisions about what to buy very week. Steaks? Darn, not on sale. Maybe next week…

The fact is, no matter how much you make, you have to live on a budget. I’ve been through unexpected job losses, so I get it. You have to go into lockdown mode. Some people have no idea how to do that, so they will suffer regardless of how much money they have.

I also realize that the economy isn’t what some would have us believe it is. Regardless of what happens to you, you are responsible for how you react to something.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #198: Yes, fathers matter. “Father Effect” author John Finch joins me.

If you don’t have a great dad, it hurts your life in so many way, you may not realize it until years later. John Finch, author of “The Father Effect” book, and producer of the movie by the same name, found that out. His own father committed suicide when he was 11, and as John grew up he behaved in ways that he thought a man should behave, until he realized what was really missing in his life.