Heidi Harris Show Podcast #278: Gaming writer Howard Stutz on The Palms sale and Durango Casino

CDC Gaming Reports Executive Editor Howard Stutz joined me to chat about The Palms sale to the San Manuel tribe, his next job, and the future of Vegas gaming.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #277: Ann Marie Echevarria talks about her husband killed by basketball star

Ann Marie Echevarria was kind enough to join me on my live show the other day. Her husband, Eric, was killed in a traffic accident Dec 30, by an 18 year old local basketball star who was driving 88 MPH in a 35 PMH zone. As a star athlete, he has a high priced attorney trying to save what’s left of the kid’s future. Eric, his victim, won’t have one of those. Victims always get forgotten.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #276: Will we now have the Vegas “mask police”?

Now that our illustrious Governor Petomane has chosen to follow the CDC guidelines and allow vaccinated people to wear masks outside, who’s gonna check your vacc card on the strip? The Vegas Mask Police?

HeidiHarris Show Podcast #275: #FactsNotFear about Covid with Dr Kelly Victory

Dr. Kelly Victory joined me again this week, with an update on the Covid situation in India, the so-called “double-mutant” and is it possible that someone who has had the jab could cause fertility problems for others by just being near them? #FactsNotFear @DrKellyVictory

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #274: Tyler Perry’s excellent comments on “refusing hate”

NO, I don’t watch the Oscars anymore, but Tyler Perry’s comments there about “refusing hate” went viral, as they should have. I have tremendous respect for him. His life experiences and his success in spite of it really demonstrate what talent, a dream, and drive to succeed will get you in America. He refuses to hate, despite all he’s lived through. God Bless him.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #273: Dr. Kelly Victory, #FactsNotFear

This week, we spoke with Dr. Kelly Victory about the unexplained bleeding some women are having after the Covid-19 vaccines, and why some people STILL believe the Covid vaccines are FDA approved

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #272: Pain doctor Dr. Dan Laird on chronic pain and Phillip Adams murder case

Las Vegas pain doctor (and attorney) Dr. Dan Laird joined me to discuss the issue of chronic pain, and how people who legitimately have pain are treated like addicts. Phillip Adams, a former NFL player who recently killed his pain doctor and many of his family members, was, according to some reports, upset that his pain medicine has been cut off. We don’t know all the details of course, but it is a subject worth discussing. We also talked about the dangers of cheap fentanyl and pill press machines.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #271: Guest, Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski

Polish immigrant and Canadian pastor, Artur Pawlowski, recently made news when he told police who showed up at his church over Easter weekend to “Get OUT, you GESTAPO!” He joined my on my show to talk about why Pastors have to stop being pushed around by human bullies posing as “government”. A man from Poland knows bullies when he sees them.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #270: Attorney Richard Jaffe on Derek Chauvin verdict

Attorney Richard Jaffe, who has prosecuted and defended hundreds of people over the course of his legal career, including capital murder cases since the 1970’s, joined me with some perspective on the Derek Chauvin jury’s verdict.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #269: Dr Kelly Victory on Covid lies, and #FactsNotFear

Dr Kelly Victory joins me each week with updates on the lies being perpetuated by the MSM and the fearful left, including cable networks that depend on fear and clicks to keep them afloat. This week we talked about Dr. Fauci’s recent non-answer to NBC host Chuck Todd asking him why we have to wear masks after we’re vaccinated.