Heidi Harris Show Podcast #232: Dr. Wayne Grudem on politics from the pulpit

Dr. Wayne Grudem, Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies at Phoenix Seminary and author of over 20 books, joined me to discuss the issue of pastors discussing politics from the pulpit, a letter he recently posted entitled “Letter to an anti-Trump Christian Friend”, which got a lot of attention. You can find more about him at waynegrudem.com 

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #231: Pandemic school shutdowns are making school more attractive

Parents are finding out during this pandemic that their children are being used as political footballs. Parents are stuck – their kids can’t go back to many schools, and the parents are doing the teachers’ work, while not being able to go to their own jobs. Some parents are giving up their careers to stay home (and not regretting it). Many will never go back to public school education with their kids. Tommy Schultz, from the American Federation for Children, joined me with an update.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #229: Lt. Randy Sutton on crime on the Vegas Strip

Lt. Randy Sutton is a 34 year veteran of law enforcement, an author, podcaster, and speaker on police issues worldwide. I asked him to join me about the recent crime wave on The Las Vegas Strip, what can be done about it, and the morale in police departments in America. Find him at Blue lives radio. or The Wounded Blue.org. 

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #228: Guest – the legendary Bill O’Reilly!

I am posting more segments from my show on my podcasts, due to popular demand. On my October 1 show, Bill O’Reilly joined me about is new book, the debate, and the election.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #226: Vegas bartender has some crazy stories….9/29/20

By popular demand, I’m posting more and more segments from my show on my podcast, although I will continue to post other interviews on here, too. Today, local Vegas bartender Erik Bingel joined me. He wrote a funny book Called “Looking for love in all the wrong Vegas”. Boy, does he have stories….Here’s a link to buy the book. 

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #225: Dr. of Pharmacy on vaccine creation and why we still get drugs from China

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Dr. Salvatore Giorgianni joined me to discuss why we’re still so dependent on Rx drugs from China, and how must trust we should have in a Covid vaccine. He works with menshealth.org.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #224 Nevada illegals want access to benefits (9/25/20)

A fun segment from my show today about illegals whining about not qualifying for benefits in the pandemic. And a personal story about having to come back home when things didn’t work out liked I’d planned.

Illegals, if you’re out of work here, go HOME! And sometimes even natives need to hit the reset button.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #223: Michael Anton, “The Flight 93 Election”, on SCOTUS and the stakes for America

Michael Anton, author of the viral “The Flight 93 Election” in 2016, is a writer, lecturer, Senior Fellow at Hillsdale College and Senior Fellow at the Claremont Institute, joined me about his new book, The Stakes, and his predictions for SCOTUS fight and the upcoming election. WE have the power on the GOP side, and WE have to use it. That’s what the voters wanted, and that’s what they expect.