Heidi Harris Show Podcast #258: Daughter of guardianship abuse victim speaks out

Guardianship abuse is rampant, and a local woman had the courage to include her story about it in her father’s obituary. Her father did EVERYTHING right, yet he was still victimized by a smooth operator with the assistance of an unscrupulous attorney. She was kind enough to join me to share this cautionary tale.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #257: Dr. Kelly Victory #FactsNotFear

Dr. Kelly Victory, President of Victory Health, joins me each week to answer questions about the Covid situation and take listener questions. This week we talked about how long immunity lasts if you’ve already had The Rona, what people can do if they want to travel, etc.

Follow her #FactsNotfear @Drkellyvictory.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #256: Mark Morgan, Former Chief of US Border Patrol, on Biden and the border chaos

Mark Morgan, former Chief of the U.S. Border Patrol, former acting directing of ICE, has joined FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform, and can now speak freely about what happened on the border under Trump versus the chaos now ensuing with Biden in the White House. He joined me to discuss the differences in policy, and the lies already being put out by Biden’s DHS Director.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #255: Dr. Kelly Victory on J& J Vaccine #FactsnotFear

Dr. Kelly Victory, President of Victory Health, joins me every week for what we call Medical Mondays. We’ve been talking about the Covid vaccines lately, and how they are not FDA approved. Dr. Victory is NOT an anti-vaxxer, and if fact is very supportive of taking vaccines to prevent various diseases and ailments, but not in the case of these rushed-to-market Covid vaccines. She explains why in today’s podcast. Follow her @Drkellyvictory.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #254: Pharmacist Dr. Sal Giorgianni on Johnson & Johnson vaccine

Pharmacist Dr. Sal Giorgianni joined me last week to discuss the J&J “one jab” vaccine so many people were waiting for. He discussed the differences between the Johnson & Johnson  vaccine and Moderna’s and Pfizer’s, some myths about vaccines and what they contain. While I personally will NOT get any vaccine (at least for this; I had many in my childhood), I was interested to hear his perspective on it. He always kind to join me and share his expertise.

He’s got more info at menshealthnetwork.org. 

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #253: Kroger’s predictable response to government wage laws

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In California, the state that least understands “cause and effect”, City of Long Beach recently enacted a mandatory pay increase of $4 er hour per son, for grocery store workers. Of course this would be paid for by the companies. Kroger, the company that owns Ralphs, quickly closed two stores in response. Long Beach was warned about the possible consequences, yet officials persisted.

Not to be outdone, Irvine is now considering the same plan. All this does is hurt the people who may be reliant on public transportation, and can no longer shop in their neighborhoods. Kroger’s response will be seen on a mass scale all over the country if a mandatory $15 minimum wage is enacted.

Heidi Harris Show #252: Rep. Adam Kinzinger on “convicting Trump to save the country”

This was from my show last week, when the impeachment proceedings were still happening. But the principles still apply, now that Trump has been exonerated AGAIN.

Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger, in an op-ed this week, stated the need to convict Trump. “…The future of our party and our country depends on confronting what happened — so it doesn’t happen again.” Oh, brother.

They are trying Trump on the fact that he was elected to begin with, and the fact that he’s been the rock in the GOP Establishment’s shoe for five years, not on what happened January 6. Kinzinger’s selective outrage is laughable. He’s incensed about the events of January 6, while ignoring the BLM riots that are STILL destroying our cities.

For all his inelegance, Trump tried to put America first, which most in Congress never have nor ever will. All they care about is pushing paper around and holding meaningless hearings so they look like they’re “doing something”. Once elected, all they care about is STAYING in office. “We The People” are a distant memory.

Heidi Harris Show podcast #250: Gina Carano is RIGHT about governments turning us on EACH OTHER

Actress and MMA star Gina Carano has been “cancelled” by her agency and Lucasfilm for her comments on Instagram about how governments turn on people each other. She’s absolutely right. Government can’t be everywhere so they turn us on each other historically. It worked pretty well in Rwanda, Nazi Germany, China….now it’s happening HERE.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #249: Guest, Dr. Kelly Victory, #FactsNotFear

Dr. Kelly Victory, a board certified trauma and emergency specialist with over 25 years of clinical experience, joins me every week at 9:40 AM. She is an expert in disaster preparedness and response and the medical management of mass casualties.

She joins me to present #FactsNotFear about the Coronavirus and other issues. She is a Covid-19 vaccine skeptic, but generally VERY pro-vaccine in most cases. This week we talked about the new “variant” and why South African is changing the Astra-Zeneca distribution plan because apparently the vaccine in use isn’t working on the newly discovered variant. Should we be concerned?

And what about pregnant women, some of whom are miscarrying after getting the jab??