Heidi Harris Show Podcast #196: How should people of faith handle the Vegas Shutdown?

Sure, it’s understandable for people who don’t have faith to panic, but why are Christians terrified about the events surrounding the Coronavirus Outbreak? ?

Proverbs 24:10 says “If you faint in the day of adversity, how small is your strength?”

Yes, things seem to be spinning out of control, just in the last two weeks, but God is still on the throne. I was honored to be joined by Pastor Darrel Porter, one of the most courageous and outspoken pastors I know. You can find him at oneaglewings.com.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #195: Vegas has shut down

If you had told me last week that every Vegas casino would have closed, leaving 200,000 casino employees out of work in a week, not to mention the hundred thousand or so other people who work in “non-essential” businesses, I would have called you a liar. This is incredible. A day I never imagined would come. We are in for a rough road, but God is still on the throne. Perhaps He is trying to get our attention. We will get through this as a city, but it will be awhile before we’re whole again.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #194: 1 in 3 can’t make it to payday. We used to call that “budgeting”.

CNBC has a story last week about how 1 in 3 people can’t make it to payday, even those earning over $100,ooo. They talked about how some people can’t get everything they want at the grocery store. Really??? Most people I know have to make decisions about what to buy very week. Steaks? Darn, not on sale. Maybe next week…

The fact is, no matter how much you make, you have to live on a budget. I’ve been through unexpected job losses, so I get it. You have to go into lockdown mode. Some people have no idea how to do that, so they will suffer regardless of how much money they have.

I also realize that the economy isn’t what some would have us believe it is. Regardless of what happens to you, you are responsible for how you react to something.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #198: Yes, fathers matter. “Father Effect” author John Finch joins me.

If you don’t have a great dad, it hurts your life in so many way, you may not realize it until years later. John Finch, author of “The Father Effect” book, and producer of the movie by the same name, found that out. His own father committed suicide when he was 11, and as John grew up he behaved in ways that he thought a man should behave, until he realized what was really missing in his life.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #197: Bloomberg may be the Nominee? Don’t count him out.

As the other Democrat candidates show more and more weakness, and the Dem Establishment is terrified at the prospect of a Bernie campaign against Trump, keep your eye on Bloomberg. He possesses every quality the left hates in Trump, and he’s not afraid to attack Trump. Clearly the media is happy to have his money, and keep him in the race as long as possible.

Big Ego + Big Money = Happiness for media companies!

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #196: Rebecca Bender, “Trafficked to Triumphant”

Rebecca Bender, a formerly sex trafficked woman, has written an excellent book which is a must-read for anyone with a daughter. Sons aren’t immune to being trafficked, either. The book is called “In Pursuit of Love, One Woman’s Journey from Trafficked to Triumphant”. She spent many years being sex trafficked to the “best” casinos in Vegas.

In our chat, we discuss how pimps lure women in, and how “sex work” is not something that should be considered a legitimate occupation. Anyone who believes otherwise hasn’t done the research. RebeccaBender.org

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #193: Guest, Dr. Edward Beal “War Stories from the Forgotten Soldiers”

My guest Dr. Edward Beal, a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Georgetown University School of Medicine, spent many years counseling veterans. His new book, “War Stories from the Forgotten Soldiers” includes many personal stories of veterans who are struggling in various areas. It’s an important book, and a glimpse into the challenges many soldiers face after serving our nation.

It’s stunning to realize how few Americans have a family member serving, as compared to wars past. We need to be not only thankful for their service, but mindful of their sacrifice, which may not be visible on the outside.

You can get his book and find out more about him at edwardbeal.com

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #192: Why do so many resent “income inequality”?

A recent Pew report showed that 61% of people feel “income inequality” is a problem. It all comes down to jealousy. No one should resent what others have. First of all, what you see on the outside is often not the truth, and you have no idea how screwed up their personal lives are in many cases.


God makes us all different with attributes, interests and talents that differ, for a reason. The goal shouldn’t be to have all the toys. The goal should be contentment and gratitude for what you do have.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #190: Why so much despair on the left?

The left seems to be in despair these days, and I see more and more posts regarding this on social media. A liberal friend of mine, whose dad was a famous actor, put this rant on Facebook the other day:

“When I am not frightened by what I see happening in the world, I just feel incurable grief. How is it possible that with all of the abundance, wonder and beauty the earth has to offer, we have constructed a human existence that presents with such scarcity, dread and ugliness? This is no longer a question for the ages, but a pressing concern of existential urgency to us all. There really is only one question left to ask: Is there a way to set a course toward a new way of being human that will make it possible for us to save ourselves, from ourselves?”

It’s pretty sad when someone puts their faith in HUMANITY to save us. We can’t. We don’t have the power. Aren’t you glad? Can you imagine if WE were in charge of everything? Breaking news: People will always let you down. Even people you love. Even people of good character. It’s how you respond to the evil in the world that determines your quality of life.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #190: Napp Nazworth, former Christian Post editor on leaving CP over Trump

One of the sites I read every day is the Christian Post. Napp Nazworth, as a writer/editor for the Christian Post for the past eight years, was a man whose columns I have posted to my social media accounts many times. He takes courageous stands on social issues, which is too rare these days. I respect his positions. Napp recently left CP because he didn’t agree with the posting of an editorial in support of President Trump.

The Brethren have been squabbling quite a bit over Trump lately. Perhaps The Enemy wants to divide us using Trump? Napp was kind enough to join me to discuss it.