Heidi Harris Show Podcast #112: McCain Memorial Fiasco

Whatever happened to Rest in Peace? The McCain memorial was a fiasco, without the least shred of dignity. There’s more to life than settling scores, and after you die, trust me, that will be the last thing you’re thinking about in Heaven (or elsewhere). I have lost all respect for the McCain family for allowing the attacks on Trump to overshadow everything else in John McCain’s life. I can promise you no one would behave that way at MY funeral.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #111: Conservatives abandoning Facebook?

Yes, it’s true. Conservatives are leaving Facebook, and now there have been two more lawsuits against Facebook for selling users’ date to outside companies without permission. As long as people like to present a “highlight reel” of their lives to the world, Facebook or something like it will exist, but between the continuing conservative censorship and the privacy of EVERYONE being breached, Facebook is in for a rough road ahead.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #110: New CCSD “School Justice Partnership”

The CCSD has now voted to implement a new system, the “School Justice Partnership” to keep kids out of trouble, which in reality does nothing to improve anyone’s behavior. Allowing offenses like destroying property or larceny to be handled with “intervention” and “support” leaves out the well-behaved kids and the taxpayers, who have a right to pay for schools that function correctly. If the focus is to prepare kids for life, they need to realize that poor behavior isn’t going to serve them well. A swat on the tush won’t do it.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #109: Steven Long, POW/hero who passed away, and thoughts on John McCain

I recently attended the Memorial service for a true hero, Major Steven Long, who had a lifetime of distinguished service in our Air Force, and was held captive in Southeast Asia for five years. It was a room full of amazing people, the likes of which this country will never see again. It was truly humbling.

And I have a few comments about the passing of John McCain….

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #108: If you’re Dying, take care of business

Most of us don’t know when we’ll die, but if you do know about your impending death, take care of business. It’s a kindness to those you leave behind.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #106: Finding a balance in your life

I juste read about yet another talk how host who died suddenly in his 60’s. This has happened to many people I know, (some of whom aren’t in radio), but it seems to happening with greater frequency. We all need to strike a balance in our lives, and too few people people today are doing that. There’s no point in “killing yourself” so you can retire, if you’re literally killing yourself.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #105: Transgenders demand favorable treatment from Hollywood

Recently, 45 groups, sympathetic to the LGBTQ community, signed a letter demanding to be included in Hollywood movies. They want favorable story lines written about trans people, as if it’s someone else’s job to make anyone feel “safe”.

If you don’t like the way your group or ethnicity is portrayed, take a hint from the many Christians who have created their own production companies, so they can make movies portraying Christians and Biblical values favorably, or at least objectively, and Biblical stories accurately. No one is entitled to anything.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #104: Who are you calling a LIBERAL?

Lately a few posters to my Facebook page have been calling me a liberal, which is laughable, considering that I haven’t waffled, wavered or backed down from my conservative values one inch. My refusal to go with the flow has cost me money and jobs, but I haven’t budged. I am accountable to God, not some Program Director, or the “evolving” GOP platform. Many so-called conservatives, including some in my industry, have gone soft on some major issues, mostly the social ones.

The definition of “conservative” these days seems to have changed. People no longer defend traditional marriage or get annoyed by things like legal prostitution or legal pot, which just a few years ago would have been a given. I actually know a few conservatives who are making MONEY selling legal pot! What makes them different from some Columbian Cartel member? So much for values.

So the next time I have the temerity to question Trump or any other member of the GOP for veering left, save your keystrokes. You’re the ones off track. I don’t drink Koolaid. And I don’t go with the flow. That’s why they’re called VALUES.