Heidi Harris Show Podcast #145: Panera Cares failed to understand human nature

Panera Cares was an experiment created by the former CEO of Panera Bread in several cities, to provide meals for those willing to “donate” for their cost. Of course college kids mobbed the place, demanding free meals, and homeless people showed up for 3 free meals a day. Who would have guessed? Everyone who understands human nature.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #144: The press blames Google and Facebook for helping Trump? Hilarious.

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It’s rather hilarious that members of our esteemed media are holding Facebook and Google to the fire about the rise of Trump. If it weren’t for $2 billion in FREE press the folks online and in TV gave Trump, nothing Google or Facebook could have done would have helped. Duh!

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #143: Looking for a replacement daddy isn’t that easy

Trying to find a replacement Daddy for your kids isn’t as easy as some would like it to be. How about picking a good guy from the get-go? Or not having kids with a guy who doesn’t want them? Just a thought….

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #142: Google employees triggered by the term “family”

Now “family friendly” is a triggering term? Not “inclusive” enough for some Google employees? Listen, you EARN the title of family, which may or may not include children, and although people may disagree on how a family is contrucuted, we all know what they are. When people think of “family friendly fare”, they think of a TV show or event that is suitable for people of a ALL ages, period. When I was single, I was never offended that someone else was called a “family”.

I’m finding it amusing to watch Silicon Valley dealing having to deal with the libs they’ve raised…

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #141: Can the culture of talk radio be changed?

When the Program Director of a conservative talk station wants to “change the culture” by bringing in someone whose viewpoint is completely different than those on the rest of the station, he is being set up to fail. Your product is your product, and you need to be who your audience/customer expects you to be. If not you will fail, and the host is usually the one who takes the fall. Been there, done that….

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #140: The Facebook “Culture” of Crybabies

There was a CNBC story this week about the so-called “Facebook culture”, where former employees whined about having to pretend they were happy at work when they weren’t. They also complained about the fact that Facebook has a “top down” approach, where management makes the decisions. REALLY? Oh, NO! They also want to have their “authentic selves” acknowledged. I don’t even know what that means.

This is a preview of coming attractions for employers, many of whom have encouraged liberal values in college, and are now reaping the employees they’ve sewn.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #139: We’re desensitized to the wrong things

We are outraged when someone posts a video of a football player breaking his leg, but we don’t bat an eye when the first baby born in Vegas in 2019 had parents who aren’t married. Most “first babies” don’t have married parents anymore, a sad testament to the state of our culture. No one cared when Wide World of Sports played the “agony of defeat” fall over and over and over. We are desensitized to the WRONG things. Videos of accidents and injuries can be instructive in certain situations. Having a baby when you haven’t bothered to get married is inexcusable.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #138: Trump, Mueller, and maintaining objectivity

We don’t have all the information yet, or the final details about the Muller investigation, but it disturbs me when I encounter Trump fans who absolutely will NOT accept or even entertain the possibility that Trump has done anything wrong. There are many liars and a lot of otherwise shady people in Trump’s periphery, and at this point it isn’t looking good for Trump. We know for example, that he lied about doing business with Russia, at least on the stump, but doing business with Russia isn’t a crime.

What remains to be seen, however, is whether or not his associates’ behavior implicates Trump in any felonies, or whether or not he’d be impeached, even if they did.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #137: Ralph Peters on Mike Flynn and Mueller investigation

Now that Mike Flynn has been so “cooperative” with the Mueller investigation that they aren’t recommending jail time, what should we make of his 19 sit-downs with the Muller team? What does his cooperation portend for President Trump and the people around him? Lt Col. Ralph Peters, retired Army Intel man and best selling author, joined me with insight.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #136: Guest: Jon Ponder, founder of Hope for prisoners

With all the discussion about prison and criminal justice reform, one thing we must all remember is that most criminals WILL get back out one day, and if they have no hope or direction, they’ll victimize others and wind up back in jail.

Jon Ponder, founder of Hope for Prisoners is working to give incarcerated people hope, skills, and meaning in their lives. His work has been recognized by many in the criminal justice system, including President Trump and LVMPD Sheriff Joe Lombardo. He joined me on my live show last week.