Headlines with Heidi! A Judge says polyamorous couples should have legal rights!

Video HERE. A NY judge says polyamorous relationships should be legally recognized. “The time has arrived” she said and she also said that the problem with same-sex marriage rulings is that “they recognize only two-person relationships”. Really? No surprise to me.

Here’s my interview with Katy Faust, Author of “Them Before Us” http://heidiharris.com/heidi-harris-show-podcast-321-childrens-needs-come-parents-desires-guest-us-founder-katy-faust/

I warned you about this when gay marriage became legal. If marriage doesn’t mean ONE thing, it can mean ANYthing. If it’s all about “who you love”, why NOT make marriage to three or four people legal? Why NOT have Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday…What a boon for Family Law lawyers. I promise you this will be brought before the Supreme Court sooner than you think.

Also, NO, I didn’t watch the Sisolak/Lombardo debate. I already know who I’m voting for and so should you. We cannot have four more years of Herr Sisolak, especially when the economy is crashing all around us. Look at how much damage he did last time, when the Federal money was pouring in?

And a military student who has tested positive for HIV has now WON his right to continue his military career. Can you imagine, in the trenches of WWI, if they’d had to keep track of prescriptions for all these “medical issues” our troops have to deal with now?

Links: https://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/us/2022/october/a-green-light-for-polygamy-ny-judge-rules-the-time-has-arrived



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