Headlines With Heidi! Stabbing attack on the Vegas Strip in broad daylight!!

Video HERE.

This crazed stabbing attack in Vegas was tragic. Middle of the morning!! Broad daylight! On one of the nicer corners of the Strip!

One of the victims is being described as a “Vegas showgirl” by national media, which is good for clicks, but not accurate. She was not an actual showgirl like we used to have in the shows. She was a young lady who was a teacher, who dressed as a showgirl, posing for pics with tourists for money. It’s my understanding that her friend and fellow “showgirl” was severely injured to trying to save her life.

Another innocent man, 47, was also stabbed to death, along with 6 others who are still in the hospital.

This was terrible, and it should not be happening! We need to not make this political, as our lousy Democrat Governor will undoubtedly do, but have some type of summit with the County Commission, the Governor, and Motor police on this, and come to an agreement about derelicts and what we are going to do about them on the Vegas Strip. Or we won’t have a tourist economy anymore.

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