What? Heidi Has a NEW Show on Local Radio? Yep!

Well, after a few months off from commercial radio, during which I’ve been podcasting, writing, speaking, and promoting my latest book, I’m happy to announce that I will be bringing the Heidi Harris Show to AM 670 KMZQ beginning Tuesday, May 1st. 

I’m very excited about doing this show, which will air weekdays from 9-10 AM. These hours will allow me to have something very unique in talk radio – a radio show and a LIFE. As you can imagine, talk radio is a very consuming business, and honestly, as I’ve told people for six months, I haven’t missed my previous schedule one day. 

Don’t get me wrong – I love talking about issues that matter and how to make our country better, but I haven’t missed the attachment to the phone, news updates, etc. Striking the balance has always been a challenge in talk radio, as it is in many other occupations, when you have news and information coming at you 24/7.

I had no idea that I’d ever do another talk show on commercial radio, and I’m thrilled at the chance to do it again. God opened a door I didn’t even knock on, as only He can do. 

My detractors who thought they silenced me never actually did, as I continued standing up for Truth in various forums. No one can stop God’s plan for a Believer’s life, and they waste their time if they try. 

Who would have guessed a local station would flip to conservative talk a few months after I’d been fired? Certainly not me. What were the odds that would have happened? Worse than the odds in Roulette. 

And who would have guessed that KMZQ would invite me to join their great lineup of real conservative hosts, including Medved, Prager, Gallagher, and Elder? Certainly not me. 

All this goes to prove is that God’s plan is greater than we can ever imagine. My identity has never come from my occupation, and if God had wanted me off the air forever I would have been fine with His plan. But He clearly had other things in mind for me. 

My new show at KMZQ is an exciting opportunity to once again talk about local issues from an actual local’s perspective – someone they can’t lie to because I was here before these politicians were politicians. And of course we’ll be taking your calls on the biggest news stories of the day. 

I thank all of you who have been so incredibly supportive during the last few months, and have prayed for me, followed me, read my book, and listened to my podcasts. It means more than you’ll ever know. 

I look forward to this new show, and I hope you do too! Let’s make it a weekday date, 9-10 AM! 

Standing firm,


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  1. June and Tom Deley says:

    So happy about the new show! God is good, all the time, all the time,God is good.!!!
    We will be tuning in and telling others.
    June and Tom Deley

  2. Phil Bullinger says:

    As a longtime listener I was very disappointed when you were taken off the air at KXNT because the show was always
    thought provoking and entertaining . I look forward to hearing your show even if it means I have to miss the first hour of


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