#MeToo And The Effect Fathers Have on Girls

The problem we have with the #metoo women is very simple – some women don’t understand men.

We have several generations of women in America today who grew up without fathers, or at least good fathers, and you can blame Mom for that. It was her decision to marry or breed with a bum. The FIRST person who affects your destiny is your mom, by choosing your dad. 

The ability to love and appreciate men doesn’t start when you hit puberty, ladies; it begins when you’re a little girl and you’re the light of your father’s life. When you know that he would never hurt you and that you can trust him completely. That foundation and belief makes you a stronger girl, and a adult woman more equipped to handle things in life, including men when they’re unprofessional or condescending in the workplace. 

Too many women today don’t have a balanced view of men. They are offended by masculinity in any form. They are freaked out by men who hunt or are willing to die to protect the freedoms we all take for granted. Good luck with that man search, ladies! You’ve brought this on yourselves. I guess you want a she-man you can boss around. 

If you have a balanced view of men, you’re not offended anytime a man pays you a compliment, or “triggered” by a catcall. 

Women are hooking up on the first date, before even finishing that first drink, moving in by the second date, and then we whine that men don’t respect us? We have cheapened our brand, ladies. 

A study conducted by Career Builder a few years go found that 40% of people surveyed have dated someone at work, and many of them have dated more than one person at work. People are working longer hours, but with all the “sensitivities” in the workplace, good luck finding love there. You’ve got men scared to death.

Nowadays, if a man tells a woman he likes her dress, he’ll wind up in HR, even though she spent an hour choosing that dress because it would appeal to the men in the office or her male clients.  

In my first book, Cocktail Waitress Wisdom, Life Lessons Learned While Carrying a Tray in Las Vegas, I describe the numerous situations I handled myself. I’ve been working for nearly 40 years, and have never filed an HR complaint about a male co-worker or supervisor, although I certainly had cause a time or two. I have handled it myself, every time, like a big girl.

We want to fly fighter jets and run the country, but when it comes to men being men and the sexual tension you’re bound to find in a workplace, we act like some 1920’s movie star having a fainting spell. That doesn’t bode well for your love life or the future of our nation. You want respect, ladies? Demand it. But you won’t find it whining in HR. 


Heidi Harris

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