Tommy Callaway, the latest whipping boy for triggered feminists

Tommy Callaway has become the latest whipping boy in the #metoo movement. He’s the tobacco company employee and part time Youth Pastor who slapped a reporter’s butt while running past her as she was reporting on a race. He did it on live TV, and her reaction was understandable.

The response in the Court of Social Media is not. 

Yes, what he did was clearly wrong, on every level. You do not have the right to touch another woman without her consent. The problem for Tommy Callaway is the social media hoards who have nothing else to do but react to the Daily Twitter Outrage. They’ve attacked him and his employer, demanding he be fired. Some have even called for a sentence of 30 years in prison! 

I’d have more respect for the young feminists’ reaction to this if it weren’t for the fact that millions of them think nothing of picking up strangers on dating apps and jumping into bed without even having the guy buy them a drink. “Netflix and chill” is more than enough wooing for this crowd. At least male birds shake their tail feathers a little.

Women have so little respect for themselves nowadays, what are men supposed to think? WE are supposed to teach men how to treat us. And we have taught them well, haven’t we? 

Why does Harvey Weinstein have women swarming him wherever he goes? Still swooning over him? The #metoo sisterhood is not exactly standing together in collective outrage. 

Many of the same people who are trying to destroy Tommy Callaway were defending the former Congresswoman, Katie Hill, who was seen naked in a chair, combing the hair of a woman who worked for her. #metoo, but only if a conservative does it? Got it. Hill’s behavior is applauded, but a butt slap is a Federal Offense. 

Maybe I’m old school, but when I have dealt with boorish behavior, I’ve done it directly. I go right to the offender. In fairness, this reporter had no opportunity to tell Tommy off, since he was running by. Only later did everyone realize who he was. 

In some situations I’ve encountered, I’ve been very blunt. Once, in a night club, a guy put his hand on my butt and I told him, in my loudest voice, “If you do that again, I’ll break your f***ing arm!” Another time a co-worker made a disrespectful sexual gesture without even touching me, and I told him I’d have his job right then and there if he pulled that crap again. Offended? Nope, I was pissed. It wasn’t shocking, it was disrespectful. I left his parts on the floor without having to run to HR like a little girl. I solved the problem right then and there. You earn respect, and that doesn’t come through HR. 

I worked in a casino for many years, and most of what triggers these 25 year-olds today was what we used to consider “banter”. It was a normal part of our day, but when it occasionally crossed a line, I handled it. 

If young women are going to respond at level 10 to every little offense, we’ll all be so worn out, the real problems will be completely ignored. The reporter said in an interview, “He took my power.” Oh please. Your power is in your butt? Are you a battery operated toy? That butt slap was really something. If it really does remove someone’s power, I should try that on a few politicians. 

Maybe these Twitter feminists, outraged by something that really doesn’t affect them, didn’t have fathers. After all, we have entire generations where fathers weren’t the influence on their kids that they should have been. Feminist moms either picked bad men or dumped perfectly good men who weren’t “perfect”, so they could be “happy”, and the kids paid the price. 

Women with healthy attitudes towards men, which are the result of healthy attitudes toward their daddy, aren’t usually as triggered by stupid things, because they don’t believe all make are basically bastards. 

The reporter did nothing wrong, and certainly did not deserve to have her butt slapped. Tommy Callaway was clearly out of line, and has publicly apologized. But the level of outrage about this has far exceeded the crime, as far as I’m concerned. 

Heidi Harris


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  1. Rhonda Steinitz says:

    Great article Heidi. So true. Some women will have sex with the first guy that lets them and wonder where he went. Most men don’t even care to get to know you. They are training them the wrong way.


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