Now National Review has surrendered regarding the jab! Who’s left?

I’m tired of condescending columnists telling me I have no “choices” in life other than to do what government tells me, “for the common good”, regardless of whether it makes any medical sense. I have come to expect this from CNN, Newsweek, MSNBC, USA Today, etc. But this writer is from NATIONAL REVIEW!

“Get vaccinated, you f***ing dopes……I do not favor a vaccine mandate enforced at the points of federal bayonets. But I do favor making life inconvenient and restricted for those who, out of misplaced political outrage and civic immaturity, refuse to do their part in what should be a reasonably straightforward national effort.”

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  1. Kevin Murphy says:

    I am as you, survived covid.
    I feel as good as I ever have, I know some are not as lucky.
    I am doing my part and donating plasma. To assist in getting people healthy.
    But I do have a question.
    Why are they pushing us to get the shot?


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