People who pass through the orbit of your life

I just heard that another of the radio executives who tried to hinder my career has been shown the door. Almost all of them are out of the business. Sooner or later we all get the boot or move on, don’t we?

I don’t dance on graves, and I sure won’t dance on his. It’s just a reminder that people are always coming and going, passing through the orbit of your life, but none of them are in charge of your life. God is. His plan for you never changes, and He certainly has a hand in who’s in your life at various times.

Remember that His plan is fulfilled through people who sometimes test you or try to discourage you, and sometimes, if you’re really blessed, encourage you. Big people will do that; small ones won’t.

Remember that even if you love your job and the people you work with, as I did in my last job, nothing is permanent. Everything and everyone is in flux at all times. When you think people have it “all together”, you really have no idea what they’re going through.

Don’t put your trust in what might seem to be an ideal work situation, co-workers or money you’re happy with, or feel that God has abandoned you because your career isn’t quite what you would have wanted. Things are always changing, but God never changes, nor does His plan for you.

Heidi Harris

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