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People who pass through the orbit of your life

I just heard that another of the radio executives who tried to hinder my career has been shown the door. Almost all of them are out of the business. Sooner or later we all get the boot or move on, don’t we? I don’t dance on graves, and I sure won’t dance on his. It’s […]

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #17: What is a Conservative?

The “culture war” starts in your home, and if you’re off in DC or caught up in local politics instead of raising your KIDS, you’ve been swallowed up by the cultural stream. You’re just another dead fish, going with the flow. Your EGO says you’re ‘fighting for your kids’ future’, but in reality YOU are […]

What student debt is really costing us.

One of the aspects of the student debt problem that no one wants to acknowledge is what it’s doing to families. If you can only earn $40 or $50K a year after you get that fancy degree, which most college grads do, you will never pay off your student loan debts of hundreds of thousands […]