Heidi Harris Show Podcast #50: What is This Christian Privilege Stuff?

George Washington University this week held a seminar addressing “How to Identify Christian Privilege” and how to make people feel guilty about it. Of course he’s an openly gay guy who clearly has a problem with Christian values.

He doesn’t appreciate that the fact that our country being founded on Christian values, and religious freedom, even though we’re not a theocracy, is the reason he is allowed to “love” whoever he chooses to without being thrown off a building.


Heidi Harris Show Podcast #49: What Data are Schools Gathering on your Child?

We hear about the vast amount of data Facebook, Google and others are gathering on us, but we willingly give that up. But what about kids, whose information is being gathered by schools without anyone’s knowledge? Parent and educator John Eppolito, from Protect Nevada Children, has some insight on what’s being gathered and what can be done to stop it.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #48: Apologies Never Appease

Radio and Fox News TV host Laura Ingraham’s weak apology has done nothing but embolden the David Hogg Twitter Brigade, and make things worse. She’s lost even MORE sponsors since her apology.

When you apologize, in their eyes, you confirm that you were wrong.

If the Hogg Brigade succeeds in getting her TV show cancelled, they’ll go after her radio show. As a radio or TV host, you’re not obligated to have any real standards, but if you don’t, you’re just another guy or girl on radio who will be forgotten the day you’re gone.

Even your detractors will have grudging respect for you when you don’t back down. The difference between opinions and principles is simple: Having PRINCIPLES may actually cost you.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #47: Laura Ingraham, David Hogg, and Twitter Terrorism

My book is prescient. I predicted ALL of this, and now Laura Ingraham has been forced to APOLOGIZE to this gun grabbing teenager, David Hogg, for merely needling him about not getting into several colleges. That was ALL she did!

Advertisers are leaving her show in droves, because he and his twitter army have called for a boycott. But her apology won’t appease them. It never does. That’s why I don’t/won’t/never have done it.

Wimpy advertisers and emboldened lefties will be the doom of conservative talk.

There was a time when any ADULT could chastise a child and it was considered acceptable. Now if you question them, they want your head on a stick. We’re in trouble, folks.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #46 – The BUS is at Fault Because a Rider Went Under it? And Heidi was Right About pot Money!

From what I can tell, this tragic accident is NOT the fault of the bus company for designing a bus that isn’t “aerodynamic”. The doctor made a mistake, and wound up under the bus. Juries react emotionally, (which personal injury lawyers depend on) and decide someone must pay when the kids are crying. Sometimes that someone is the person who made the mistake, not the someone with the money who isn’t at fault!

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #45 – Stormy Daniels and March for Our Lives

Do we really care if this stripper had an affair with Trump? At this point, most people don’t. I’m not defending cheating, because I think it’s shameful, but honestly, no one who supports Trump will care, and she’s as guilty as he is.

The March for Our Lives was held over the weekend, and as usual, the kids missed what actually could make a difference. Violent video games, no dads in the home, a lack of objective parents who report kids with mental issues and bullying in schools are far more responsible than any guns. Remember that most of these kids who shoot up schools have been treated badly by other kids at school, and this is their revenge.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #44: What Caused The Opioid Crisis? A Pain Doctor Speaks

What’s this “opioid crisis” we keep hearing about? Who’s at fault? Drug companies? Addicts? Doctors? Illegal drug dealers? The Chinese?

Dr. Dan Laird is my guest. He is the Executive Director of Flamingo Pain Specialists in Las Vegas, and as a doctor and a lawyer, he’s got great insight into the problem and how we can get a grip on it, without making patients or doctors feel like criminals.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #43: Wimpy Sponsor Acquiesced to Haters

So the haters got one of my book signings cancelled because the business owner, who lambasted my former employer for firing me, “Where’s the right to free speech, man?” has now buckled under pressure from haters who can’t stand the thought that I could sell my book at his restaurant.

This is how our culture rots, people. A small group of haters who strike fear in the hearts of wimpy people. Tyranny of the very small minority.

Hundreds of people have commented on my Heidi Harris Show Facebook page that they will never go BACK, or never go IN to that restaurant. So for the whiny FEW, he lost HUNDREDS of customers. Hope it was worth it.

I have several others planned, and many additional business owners have stepped up and offered to host book signings. Stay tuned to HeidiHarris.com for updates on times and dates. Here are a few of them:

March 24: Airstream Las Vegas 11 AM- 1 PM

April 5: Vegas Does Business luncheon at Gordon Biersch lunch 11:30 AM – 1 PM

April 7: Avery’s Coffee, in Village Square 9 AM – 11 AM

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #42: Trump Had To Save Dean Heller’s Career (Guest: Danny Tarkanian)

What’s behind President Trump’s request that Danny Tarkanian abandon the Senate race so Dean Heller could run unopposed? How pathetic does this make Dean Heller look? What impact will this have on both races, especially since many GOP voters have never forgiven Heller for being a “Never Trump” guy? And since Danny has friends in the CD3 race, who will suffer as a result of his jumping in, and how will they react? Danny Tarkanian is my guest today.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #41 – Guest: Author and Russia Expert Joel Rosenberg

Joel Rosenberg has sold five million books. He’s written 18. He lives in Israel now, and is an expert on world affairs, including Russia, North Korea and Israel.

He has a new book out, “The Kremlin Conspiracy” and the premise is eerily similar to what is actually happening today. I spoke with him about the ousting of Rex Tillerson, Russian meddling, and what needs to be done about Putin.