Heidi Harris Show Podcast #77: Another Celebrity Suicide Reminds us That Wealth is Empty Without God

With two celebrity suicides in the past week, Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, we are once again reminded that money, fame and what some people view as “success” don’t guarantee anything. Clearly mental illness and other issues can be part of the equation, but the principle remains the same: Money didn’t fill the gap for those celebrities.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #76: Identifying Fake News

There’s fake news everywhere, and that’s not just where’s there’s a matter of opinion on the facts, but where the facts are inaccurate or misleading. There’s more news than ever, but more reason than ever to check things out and do your research.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #75: Why are Parents Treating Kids Like Hotel Guests?

Why aren’t kids these days doing anything to help parents around the house? I saw a Home Shopping demonstrator saying, “This (appliance) gives me more time with my kids…” Huh?

We used to be IN the kitchen with Mom, or doing the lawn with Dad. Of course we didn’t like it, but we did  it. Our home wasn’t a B&B. We weren’t GUESTS.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #74: Culinary Avoids Strike and Chris G Screws Kids Over

Looks like a Culinary Union strike has been averted, which is good for everyone.

Chris G, who’s running for Governor, had a chance to force sex offending teachers to register as sex offenders but removed that requirement from legislation when she was a legislator in 2005. Will that tilt the primary in favor of Steve Sisolak? We’ll see…

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #73: Talking Race Relations with Toure’

Toure’ is a broadcaster, podcaster, author and cultural critic. There’s virtually nothing we agree on, but then again, our experiences have been very different. On my podcast #68, I discussed a recent column he wrote about how white people can call the police and automatically be believed. He heard my podcast, we made contact, and then WE had a chat about it. Here are parts 1 & 2.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #71: Dems Cannibalizing Each Other and Culinary Strike Looms

It’s fun to watch Dems going after each other, like the GOP candidates usually do. Tick Segerblom is being accused of all kinds of things by his opponent, and Commissioners Steve Sisolak and Chris G are wasting money slugging it out in a bloody Gubernatorial primary, which ultimately benefits Adam Laxalt. Good.

And as the Culinary strike looms, I have some thoughts on that.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #70: Culinary Strike – Is Management Supposed to Manage Your Career?

The Culinary Union members in Vegas have voted to strike, which could affect tens of thousands of workers and casino profits, should they actually follow through.  The union is asking for more guarantees than they should, far beyond pay raises. They also want guarantees that employees wont be replaced by technology. WHAT? And they want protections for workers with Green Cards. They have really overstepped this time. Management is NOT obligated to manage your career –  that’s YOUR job. Adapt or fall by the wayside.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #69: Parents, the First Line of Defense in Ending Gun Violence

Once again, there are more calls for gun control in light of the latest school shooting, but where are the PARENTS? In the Santa Fe Texas shooting, the kid killed a girl and other because he was romantically REJECTED? She publicly told him off? Sounds like he pestered her so much he was asking for it. Gee, how many other boys were rejected and moved ON with their lives? And once again, police are able to find out things about how a shooter was thinking that parents didn’t know (or want to know). FAMILIES are the first line of defense against anything.

If you allow your kid to have a computer in his or her room, shame on you. You need to be IN your kids’ business, before they become society’s problem.

Heidi Harris Show Podcast #68: Is Dialing 911 the New Racism?

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Twitter should be renamed kneejerk.com because of the way people literally “jump the gun” without having ANY facts when events are unfolding.

Writer and TV host Toure’ says that the ability to call police and be automatically believed is an example of white power and privilege. Is he right? And what about kids who are taught that cops are out to get them from day one? How will the lives of the people in communities who distrust cops ever improve? If you can’t report crimes to the police, the criminals are in charge.